Lebuh Armenian!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

When we arrived in Penang on Sunday, we went looking for the best Char Kuey Teow (Fried Rice Noodles) in the world and got lost. But we found Armenian Street! Today, before we head back to KL, I made my husband drive back so I could take a picture. He kept asking me, "Why?" And I keep saying, "Because it absolutely bloggable!" No, we did not find Calvinist Street. Don't think there is one.

You may want to check this out - Street Names of Penang. I am myself amused that there is a Downing Street and a Drury Lane.

We took the ferry back to mainland this time, on Calvin's insistent really. It was fun and the beauty of it was that, of all places to meet, we met our church friends on this very ferry we took!

The Pulau Rimau.

The drive back was thankfully unevently. We thank our most gracious God for keeping us safe throughout the trip, and we thank Him for a great trip.


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