My Favourite Christmas Songs

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Missy cyber tagged me, which is good in a way because I am at the moment again involved in giving training off-site that runs late into the night. Having nothing much in mind to post, it is nice to be tagged then. However, my list is gonna be boring - only because we aren't exposed to much spiritual songs other than during church service and the choir.

1. Drummer Boy - I still remember the first time I sang this during a Christmas presentation when I was a kid. It was fun singing it - pa rum papa pum.

2. O Little Town of Bethlehem - of all the Christmas hymns, this has to be my favourite. The birth of Christ into our small world is a miracle. That He would choose to come to be born man in humanity's little town is too profound for words.

3. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus - an Advent song. Lovely tune and it requires quite some skill singing it especially when it comes to phrasing. Singing is telling a story, delivering a message - there are proper places to pause or take a breath and this one need some pumping up! The message in this song is that Jesus should be active in our lives and Christmas is a good time to remember to reinvite him into our lives if he is not already.

4. People Need the Lord - I think this may not be a Christmas song per se but we sang it once in a Christmas musical and we are singing it again in the musical this Christmas. In all the festivities and Christmas trees and presents, the most important message is people need Jesus.

5. Ding Dong Merrily on High - we have never sang this in church. Wish we could!

6. Angels We have Heard on High - I changed my mind, this is my number one Christmas hymn! The chorus sang in 4 parts shows the harmony in our lives to live it out for Christ. Gloria, in excelsis Deo!

I have to rephrase myself - my list is NOT boring after all!

I guess I have to tag it on now - Jewels, Codepoke, Dugalug and Milly then. No obligations though, if it is not your thing.

p/s Oh, I miss this one: For Unto Us a Child is Born by Handel.

Pciture by Sabine Simon

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9 comment(s)

  1. Not boring at all. KB tagged me earlier it's on my Blog.

    I found it difficult to pick just a few. I love so many, every time I read someone’s list I go that’s right I forgot that one.

    The Little Drummer Boy is a big favorite. I love the Bing Crosby and David Bowe version. You can hear it on U Tube.

  2. Oh yeah ... i remember now, your mention of the Drummer Boy - will definitely check it our in YouTube.

  3. Okay, I'm going to do it but right now I've been in a mood where I'm sick of old stuff :) except for the Messiah. Now that's awesome.

  4. Meaghan - you picked some great ones I hadn't thought of. I never heard 3 and 4 before, so I looked them up on iTunes. I found an accapella version of People Need the Lord - what a beautiful heartfelt song! Come Thou Expected Jesus is also a great song and it did sound familiar. Thanks for playing!

  5. {cut and pasted from Codepoke's page ;)}

    I just got Sarah Mclauclan's newest Christmas album: truly one of the better Christmas albums that I have ever owned.

    There is a medly song incorporating Noel, the First Noel, and Mary Mary on it. It is spectacular.

    ... What Child Is This are Oh Holy Night are my favorite Christmas songs, but Phil Keaggy/Kim Hill duet of God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen on the Our Christmas album is still one of the coolest of all.

    Amy Grant singing Breath Of Heaven, and Heirlooms round out my list.

    ==> Michael W Smith has an awesome Christmas album too. The one with Lux Venit on it, not the other cheesy one.

    ==> Both of Amy Grants Christmas albums rate high with me.

    God Bless

  6. oops... one other great album: Selah's Christmas album.

    Halelujah (Hail Hail) is just a year-round awesome song.


  7. Julia,
    Great! Look fwd to yours :)

  8. Doug,
    I must see if I can scout for the albums you mentioned. Not so easy to get them here though.