I am back!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Wow. It has been a six and a half month hiatus since I last posted anything here. Am I back?


It has been an awesome week for me and with that I thought it’s timely for me to revive my blog. Well, I haven’t been away for that long, thankfully and isn’t it a good time to be back? 

Like I said it has been a really good week. It all began with this:

I have been so addicted to the TV that I wasn’t thinking straight and the stack of books that I wanted to read keeps on growing. 

So I decided to fast TV for one week. 

The week has ended yesterday but it has been such a good week that I haven’t broken the fast yet. And so many good things have happened that there is so much to share. 

So with that, I am back!


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1 comment(s)

  1. Welcome back Pearlie !!!

    Blogging News:

    I am still blogging 3-4 times a week at With Devotion (aka "An Eye For Redemption" on your sidebar). Enjoying blogging through the red letters in the gospels.

    Daily Prayer has reached almost 3,500 likes/follows on FB.