I am exhausted 너무 피곤하니까...

I have so many things to do my brain is not happy. I can't think straight. I can only think of one thing or nothing at all. 

I used to say I'm good at multitasking. Not anymore. It's definitely a myth or the fact that I'm getting old. 

We often think that combining tasks will save us time, but scientific evidence shows that it has the opposite effect. Even those who claim to be good at multitasking are not very productive. In fact, they are some of the least productive people. Our brains can take million bits of information but can only actually process of few dozen per second. When we say we're multitasking, what we're really doing is switching back and forth between tasks very quickly. Unfortunately, we're not computers adept at parallel processing. We end up spending all our energy alternative between tasks, instead of focusing on doing one of them well. Concentrating on one thing at a time may be the single most important factor in achieving flow.
~ Hector Garcia Puigcerver


I miss my car

I don't think I have ever taken the train to my current workplace. 

With my car in the shops, I took the train to work this morning. It was really packed like sardines. 

Thankfully being early in the morning, everyone was fresh and the train cooling system was quite good. So even when we were all sticking to each other, it wasn't that bad. 

But I dare not take the train back at the end of the day. So I took a ride from a colleague and grabbed the train closer to home, which was much more bearable. 

I so miss my car. 


Restoran Goon Wah - one of the best in town

I have not been to Restoran Goon Wah in a really long time and so when my mom suggested we go there for lunch, I was all for it. 

And I was not disappointed. The food was really awesome. 

XO Fish Head Noodles - seriously the best in town

Hot Pot Lou She Fun - I don't remember whether it was served in a hotpot the last time when I was there and this dish never did impress me. But it was my mom's favourite and so we ordered it. I changed my mind. It was awesome and I ate most of it!

Stir Fried Pork Maw and Intestines with Dried Shrimps - I was expecting dark marinated braised intestines when I ordered this but it was ok though a tad too spicy for me. 

Fuchok Barley - and it we closed it with one of my most favourite dessert and I must say this fuchok barley is really good. It's not watery but thick and filling. 

There are a few more dishes I wanted to order but with just my mom and I, this the max we could go. Just too bad that they are only opened until 4:00pm everyday. 

I'll be back. Next weekend sounds good.


NB: As always, I forget to take photos and the above photos are credited to Ewe Paik Leong, The Chowster & Traveller, Taufulou, Jean and Foodilifecious.

Carless for 5 days

I just sent my car to the workshop this morning and I will be without one for 5 or 6 days. 

I got into an accident a few days ago. 

The thing is whenever I keep seeing car accidents on the road, I will eventually get into one. 

I know it's a form of confirmation bias that I'm experiencing but I have seen many car accidents recently happening right before my eyes. 

And before I know it, this car bumped into my mine. 

It will be a very inconvenient 5 days ahead. It already took me one whole hour to get to work this morning using the train. And I will not be as mobile as I would like to be. 

Not complaining. I am also taking the opportunity to have my whole car touched up and I'm going to enjoy the train rides. 


I'm now PAPI 3 certified!

For those who know me well, they'd know of my deep interest in personality tools. 

I've spent many years delving into the 16-type theory and love watching people using the 16 types. And I was so intrigued by Carl Jung's theory on the shadow archetypes. Still am. 

But I didn't have the opportunity to be MBTI certified. Hope to be soon though unlikely. 

Then came the Gallup Strengths. When I first started working in U Mobile, there was a presentation on it by Gallup Singapore organised by Berjaya Group and we were invited. 

One thing led to another and I became Gallup-certified. One of my proudest thing. Still is. 

Then comes Cubiks PAPI 3. I have quite a history with this tool. I have used it many times with our clients when I was in KPMG under the tutelage of my colleague who's certified. 

And I have recently developed a Succession Planning framework and we began looking for personality tools to help identify potential employees and out of the many that we have seen, we settled with Cubiks. We like its capabilities and flexibility. 

Though we had a tough time getting through the legal side of the acquisition of services but it finally went through. 

Nine of us went through an intensive training session, both theory and practical and we are all certified as of today. 

Good work guys!


Going watchless...again

My Fitbit has gone kaput. 

And now I will need to get used to not wearing a watch, again. 

I stopped wearing a watch back in year 2004 when I found it obstructive when at work. Wearing a watch and using the notebook computer is not a good combination. And since I have the time on the computer and my phone, I decided to ditch the watch. 

Until year 2017 when I decided maybe a fitness watch would be a good idea. 

And so I bought a MiBand 2 and later I switched to the Fitbit Alta HR which my husband didn't want to use anymore. 

And now it's no longer working. 

I don't think I will buy another one. Reason being, these things don't last unlike real watches and I found that I don't really need one anymore. 

Only a day has gone by without a watch. I'm still lifting my hand up to read the time but I'll soon get used to it in no time. 

I went 13 years without one anyway. 


How we listened to music back then

I was listening to my collection of music today while trying to create my own space to zone into my work in a busy office.

And it reminded me of the good ol' days when listening to music wasn't so easy and convenient.

Have you ever seen these kind of tapes? It's called the 8-track cassette. I remember my dad using them in his Volkswagon.

And later it was these compact audio cassettes. 

And I would use my Sony Walkman to listen to music using audio cassettes with my very own collection bootlegged from the music stores.

In comparison, I now have 1157 songs at my disposable in my Apple Music library.

And it will take me 3.2 days to play them all. 

We have came a long way since then, haven't we?


Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ

Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ
by Giulia Enders

I have been having conversations with a couple of friends with regards to our stomach problems, about acid reflux and gastroenteritis and all. 

I did a search and found this book, got a copy and started reading it today. 

It's a good book and for a start, it is quite entertaining. But it does get more technical midway through and will take some effort to keep reading it. 

Some of the things I learned is that in year 2007, someone finally found the purpose for the appendix. It is apparently part of our immune system and it monitors foreign microbes to get rid of bad germs. 

And we thought it was useless. 

Another thing I found out while reading the book is this. And the subtitle of the book describes our guts perfectly. It is the most underrated organ. 

Reading about how the entire system work together, I began to marvel at the wonderous creative hand of our God.  

We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Get a copy if your interest is piqued. And don't miss the part about what happens when we vomit. It is brilliant.


A need for time out

I live in a household of introverts and we understand our interaction needs and limitations. And we are comfortable with each other. 

But out of that context, I find it very hard to exist in a world where others expect me to interact all the time. 

I do sometimes turn down invitations and I have walked out of events and gatherings midway before, and I do feel bad about it.

Don't misunderstand me. I do enjoy get-togethers and I do look forward to meeting up with friends and family. 

But there are times when I really need that space for myself. And it's owning that space without feeling guilty about it that is bothering me. 

Maybe what I need to do is to connect with my extroverted friends and ask them how they feel and how they manage it when their invitations or expectations to connect are rejected.

And what introverts need to do is to speak up and extroverts to listen in.


Human and androids - being relational

I am watching a show on robots and androids. It deals with human emotions, about giving and taking, about expectations. 

And with that I do begin to wonder how would human and androids exist together in the future?

My good friend refuses to watch shows with androids. I haven't asked her why but I'm sure she would say that it is meaningless for a human to form relationships with a machine. And any happy endings to such dramas would be unrealistic.

I know it's still something very distant in future but I do wonder how will human and androids when they exist together relate to each other.

I do sometimes talk to my car. I know. Weird. But then I'd use it and then park it in the driveway. Forgotten.

Say if I have an android-housekeeper, I'd obviously talk to it but would I then just switch it off when work is done?

The closest we have now to an android is the smartphone. I speak to my phone to get it to do things but it's still a phone. 

But what about an android with a face and a smile?


Where do you store your photos?

I heard in the news that Google is ending their partnership with someone that manages the syncing of photos in Google Photos and I wasn't happy. 

I use Google Photos a lot and my Razer Phone 2 believe it or not does not have a photo gallery. All my photos goes into Google Photos. 

I only found out later that my fears were unfounded. The change only affected syncing between Google Photos and Google Drive, which I don't do. At least I hope that is the only thing that is affected. 

If you only store your photos in your phone, then you should take a look at syncing your phone with Google Photos. I have two of my friends who lost all their travel photos. You can imagine how devastating that can be. 

I hope Google Photos will stay for a long while. The cloud and data storage scene will see more changes as we go along and I wonder how long more will I be able to keep up with my data storage without paying a single cent.


Book Shopping Spree!

I haven't been in a book shopping spree for the longest time!

There is currently a Kindle book sale of Eerdsman books and it's really hard not to tap that "Buy now with 1-Click" button. 

There are about 9 more books I'm still deciding whether to buy or not to buy. 

There is just not enough time to read!


Listening to music in the car

My car does not like my new phone. I drive an old car and it does not have Bluetooth built-in.

It's funny that I still remember 10 years ago when I went shopping for a car, the one question I kept asking all the car salesmen was that if their cars came with a USB port.

Anyway, my car does not like my phone. I plug it in and it says "unrecognised device".

Since I cannot not listen to music, I need to find a solution and my hubby suggested I go find a Bluetooth dongle with a AUX adapter.

I found and bought one from Lazada for only RM15.

And it works.

Except that now I want it to do more. My iPhone plays my music the moment it gets plugged in. With my Razer, I had to tap it so many times to get to it play something.

That's when I found out that there are automation apps in Android. Apparently I can automatically get my phone to perform actions depending on the trigger. 

I did some search, or rather, I got my son to do some research. 

We tried Autoroid, Tasker and Automate. All of these are good automation apps, but none of them seemed to work with Apple Music.

Until my son found the MacroDroid app. He built a macro and voila! It works.

I start my car, my Bluetooth announces, "Connected", and my last played song starts playing.

I'm happy.

Though now I need to learn how to build those macros myself. For example, in order to save battery, how can I get my phone's WiFi to switched on only when I'm at home. 


A sermon on divorce

Today is the first time I've ever listened to a sermon on divorce. 

We are in the midst of expository sermons on Matthew, and our speaker Dr Leong Tian Fock had to tackle Matthew 19, on the topic of Marriage in the Kingdom. 

And he did it superbly well. I had so many questions when he first started, where he laid the foundations, but as he moved on, most if not all of my questions were answered. 

There are several views on divorce and I like this part when Dr Leong said that when godly theologians and good Bible scholars cannot come to a consensus, that means the Bible is not very clear on that particular issue and in this case an ethical issue, and this means whatever stand you take, there is a chance of making a mistake. 

And so like Dr Leong I will also take his philosophical stand, which is to err on the side of compassion. 

It's a tough thing and I know friends who are struggling with it, wanting to know exactly what the Bible says. It is therefore so very important for this to be taught in church. 

If you would like to listen to the sermon, it is found here.


How many powerbanks do you have?

I still remember the first power bank I bought. 

It was a YooBao with 5800mAh capacity that cost me at least RM200. 

That was many years ago. 

Right now, just like me, you probably would have so many you don't know what do with them.
I have 4 not counting the one that is like a lamp, which is so impractical. It's so inconvenient to carry around and putting it on the desk is useless since I will use the electric wall socket anyway. 

I know. Four. Why, right? 

From left to right: I bought the first one and thinking it was spoilt, I bought the second one. The third was a door gift and the fourth is my newest favourite thing. 

Melissa bought it for me when she was recently in Korea. Thanks Melissa! Loving it!
And how much capacity do you think I have all in all? 

29,200mAh. LOL. 


Do you like time travel shows?

Do you like to watch time travel shows?

I do, even though it's sometimes impossible to make sense out of them. 

I just finished watching this one:

Tunnel (2017)

And even though its premise and plotline is good, the acting stellar, and the ending satisfying, the series is not able to tie ends properly.

The show is about a police detective who was in the midst of a serial murder case in 1986 who found himself inadvertently time travelled 30 years into year 2016.

And in this new timeline, he had to meet people who were affected by the murders of the case he could not solve in 1986, which of course he finally did in 2016.

It's just that when he goes back to 1986, doesn't whatever that he does then unravels everything he had accomplished in the future?

To me, the only one time travel show that actually make sense is the episode Don't Blink in Doctor Who. 

Watch this short clip and you'd know what I mean.

Don't Blink (2007)

And it's absolutely brilliant.


Getting rid of stray cats from your garden

Stray cats are getting on our nerves.

They sleep on top of our cars. They leave dirty paw prints on our car's clean white finish.

And worst of all they poop on the garden where get I in and out of my car, so much so that when I come back from work in the evenings, I would have to use my flashlight to make sure I don't step on poop.

I tried googling for cat repellents but couldn't find anything that's simple enough.

I read about covering the whole garden with wire mesh because cats do not like to walk on it. Neither do I though.

Another way is to spray the garden with ammonia. Cats won't like the smell. But then again neither would I.

Then my hubby had a great idea: spray the grass with vinegar.

I thought why not since it's natural, safe and I wouldn't mind the smell. At least it wouldn't be as bad as ammonia. 

So I took a spray pistol, filled it with 50:50 vinegar and water and started spraying that spot where I get in and out of my car.

And it worked!

Not only there is now no more poop in the garden, the cats stopped sleeping on top of our cars too.


Godzilla: King of the Monsters ★★★☆☆

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

I am not really a Godzilla movie person but I remember back in those days when I watched and followed Ultraman and Godzilla shows on television with much fervor.

So when my good friend, Wee Yin suggested we watch the latest Godzilla movie, I said why not.

What can I say? The visual effects and the battle scenes are fantastic but the rest is meh.

Like what Wee Yin said: just have Godzilla and all the monsters and remove the people.

The only character I like was the daughter Madison, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

I felt she brought out the character quite well.

The rest? They kinda irritated me.

The mother especially. I don't how her brain works and her tirade how she can "save" the world made me roll my eyes goodness knows how many times. I was like, really?

The antagonist is none too antagonistic.

And the rest are all too bland for mention.

And I don't know about the physics of the scenes. I am horrible at physics in school but at the rate that the monsters dived in and out of the sea and smashed down every thing in the city, I wonder how the boats stayed where they are and the cast don't get hit by anything.

But all in all, it was fun watching just the monsters alone. 


No choice but to ride the storm out

No one has made me angry and no one has betrayed me for quite awhile now.

Until very recently.

I made the effort to spend some time with that someone but what I got was blame and judgment and very unkind words.

I got quite mad but I was in no position to even defend myself.

So I just kept quiet willing the minutes to go faster till I can extricate myself from the situation.

A few days have passed now but I find that I still get affected by it. The emotion is still quite raw.

But I have already come to an acceptance that my emotions will come no matter what I do. I can't avoid them. So as always, I will ride them out till they subside.

But it's taking much longer to do that this time.

And it's also a decision I make. When I begin to get affected by it, I stop myself and decide not to be. I decide to stop dwelling in it. I decide to forgive.

Though it's not easy. Not at all.


Things don't happen in threes, do they?

People say that things happen in threes. I don't think they do. It's how you see things and how you put things together. And it so happened that I had these three things happened these three days with my car:

1. I heard a sound in the engine. Not sure what it is yet. Sounds like the engine belt or something. But I don't hear it anymore for now.

2. I received a parking summon. I thought I don't need to on a Saturday.

3. My tyre was flat this morning. So I got stranded at home. Till I finally got someone to come fix it.

I hope it stops at three, at least for now.


Do you know what your strengths are and what to do with them?

I had a good coaching season with my good friend Ee-Tan this afternoon.

I had an activity where I got her to choose two pictures that resonated with her and she choose these two:

Everyone of us would read the same pictures differently. How would you read these?

And we had a good and long engaging session using the Gallup CliftonStrengths. We talked about what her strengths are and how they can help her grow and improve herself.

And she is proud of them and it is so her to have these as her top-5: Adaptability, Communication, Positivity, Woo and Activator.

Knowing your strengths is a very good thing. It will help you be even better at what you are already good and natural in.

Would want to know what you strengths are? If you do, let me know!


At the bank on a Friday and right before Raya

우리는 요즘 은행에 거의 가지 않는다. We seldom go to the bank these days but when I went there today—being firstly, a Friday afternoon and secondly right before the Raya hols—it took me the longest time to get my thing done.

I had no choice but thankfully it wasn't that bad. Unlike the days of old, at least I have my phone with me to keep me occupied for the entire hour of wait.

And the CIMB staff in this branch are the nicest bank staff I've met, making it very pleasant. Are they better engaged staff compared to the Maybank ones I met yesterday?


p/s please don't mind me trying out my Korean once in awhile here in my blog. And probably my Mandarin too sometimes. Learning them slow and steady but it does feel like I'm getting nowhere. 

Helter skelter headless chicken

I have so much on my plate at work these days I really feel like I am running around helter skelter like a headless chicken.

Gone are the days when I can sit down and be quiet to think.

And for a person who loves to be quiet and think, it is getting to me. I need to make time to do that at work.

But there is just too many things to keep up with.

How do you do it?


Life's governed by passwords

Life is so complicated these days when you have to remember hundred and one passwords. 

I just saw an email this morning saying that one of my account login passwords have been compromised and I was advised to change it.

Grrhh...I woke up at 5:16am and I shouldn't have checked my notifications. I spent the next 2 hours securing my accounts and I am only 20% completed.

I then began to wonder how safe my passwords are anyway.

I found this very interesting article: Calculating Password Complexity

In brief, it takes:

0.0085 seconds to break a password with all numbers like 123456789

1.8 seconds to break a password with all lower case like strawberry

7.6 minutes to break a password with a mix of lowercase and uppercase characters like capPuCciNo

31 minutes if we include in numbers in a 8 character password like r2d2c3PO

4 hours if we add in symbols for a 8 character password like %ZBGbc]8

4 years if we increase that to 10 characters

It is therefore advised that our passwords should be at least 10 characters long and one that uses upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

And we are not to use the same one on multiple accounts.

How are we then to create and remember all those passwords?! Worse when some accounts require us to change it every 30 to 90 days!

But here's an idea. 

I watched a video recently on LinkedIn Learning on how to improve your memory and there was a section on creating and remembering passwords. It quite simple actually though you do need some creativity and memory to remember it.

You make up a sentence and you use the first letter of every word in that sentence. For example, you can say Hi! My name is Chloe and I am 20 years old. How do you do?


Your password will be very strong and you'd actually remember it.

Awesome right?


This song really makes me happy

I can't remember which church I was in when I heard it being played over a video presentation when I Shazammed it.

If you are curious, yes, I've been visiting churches these days to sing under Grace Notes.

How I wish I can do this song in my church. But with my team being just one keyboard and one vocal, there is no way I can do it.

Tak terbayang kebesaran-Mu
Your greatness is unimaginable
Dan tak terbanding kekuatan-Mu Tuhan
And Your power is unmatchable
Kau megah bagiku
You're majestic to me
Seg'nap jiwa dan pengharapan
All of my soul and hope
T'lah kuserahkan 'tuk rencana-Mu Tuhan
I surrender them to Your plan, God
Kau Raja atasku
You are my King

Hanya Kau yang layak di tinggikan
Only You are worthy to be lifted up

Ajaib Kau Tuhan
You're miraculous
Agung dan perkasa
Great and mighty
Kau sumber kemenanganku
You're my source of victories
Layak berkuasa
You deserve to rule
Mem'rintah s'lamanya
Reigning forever
Yesus Kaulah raja mulia
You are the King of Majesty

~by JPCC Worship


My take: Android vs. iOS

After using iOS for the past 10 years, I've finally jumped ship and have been using Android for 2 months now. I'm still discovering new things and having fun with it. 

And so for those who might want to consider shifting from Apple to Android, here's my take on what's better in Android and what's better in iOS. 

How Android is better than iOS

1. I find that Hey Google is way better than Hey Siri. It's much more more intuitive and you'll get more things done with Hey Google. 

2. I like it so much how I can customise how my screen looks like in my Android phone. It uses Nova Launcher where I can pack all apps that I frequently use into the home screen–all 47 of them. I do the same with my iPhone too but it can only fit 28 in the home screen. 

3. I also like how I can remove the app names from the apps in my home screen. It looks much better visually and I recognise them by their app icons anyway. I do this via Nova Launcher and here is how it looks like, all 47 apps:

In comparison, I had this old picture posted in 2016 on how my iPhone looked like back then, all my screens. I've cropped out the bottom 4 apps that stays on every screen though. Yea, I sorted them all by colours. I suppose I'm quite a visual person and I found apps much easier this way:

4. It is much easier to find what you need in Android's Settings. When I'm in iOS, I always find myself trying to think and remember where the item is situated. Locations? Privacy? General? Where on earth? And I will be poking here and there until I find what I want if at all. In Android, I can simply just perform a search and find it in no time. 

5. I use the Android back button a lot. And it works seamlessly in and between apps. In my iPhone, I'd have to double click the home button, scroll to the app before to get back to where I was before. In Android, it's just a back button away and I'd get back to the previous app immediately. 

6. This is more the phone than the operating system, but I can add memory to my Android phone now. The Razer Phone 2 has a pathetic 64G internal memory and so I bought and installed a 128G SD card in it as external memory. With the iPhone memory, what you buy is what you get. 

How iOS is better than Android

1. I must say that the keyboard in the iPhone is much better than the one in Android when it comes to selecting text, hovering over text to position the cursor and using the spacebar to move the cursor. But Android is quite accurate when you tap where you need the cursor to be and you can move the cursor with your finger which you can't do it as easily in the iPhone. 

2. The one feature I miss most is the ability to shake to undo and redo in the iPhone. How I wish it's the same in Android. I once accidentally deleted a whole line of text. I never got it back and I couldn't remember what it was to type it back. 

3. I like the iPhone's ability to return to the top of the screen by just tapping the top. In Android, I'd be furiously swiping it up to get back to the top. 

4. As much I used to hate having badges on my apps in the iPhone with the number of items pending, I got used to it and it didn't bother me anymore. I soon found it useful to see whether my attention was needed. When I started to use my Android phone, I began to miss that. I didn't know what needed my attention. But now, I use Notifications a lot more. I don't remember using it much in my iOS days. But there is the Notification Dot in Android, without the number though. 

5. I prefer the management of pages in Safari where I can move them front and back. It cannot be done in Chrome. I suppose I should go find another internet browser app. 

Things to consider if you decide to move from iOS to Android

1. If you have purchased apps in iOS, you will now need to repurchase them in Android, if you still need them that is. I did buy quite a number of apps in iOS but when in Android, I've only repurchased 3 of them. Not too bad. But not cheap though. 

2. Some apps are only available in iOS. I once read that developers prefer to create apps in iOS compared to Android and so you might not get what you want in Android. I tried to look for alternatives in Google Play and so far so good. I got what I needed and what I couldn't I've ungrown myself out of it. 

3. The only casualty I had was my WhatsApp texts. I couldn't figure it out initially and couldn't transfer any of my text over. Had I known earlier, I would have at least save the important ones on the cloud. 

That's just my take anyway and with Android I think it also depends a lot on the phone model and not just the operating system. 

You may have other items on top of what I've listed above. Please leave a comment below or in Facebook. I'd love to hear from you!


Me? Apple to Android?

I have gone Android! Haha. My friends and colleagues were so surprised because I was as Apple as I can ever be, beginning with my 3G, to 4, 4S, 5S right up to the 6S, and not forgetting my iPad 2, 3 and Air 2.

Not anymore.

And with that my whole family has gone Android and I'm not to be left behind. And I meant it—behind. It's another blogpost altogether but we felt that Apple is stuck in the their former glory and not only that, their prices have gone absolutely crazy.


It started with my son getting the Pixel 2, having sworn off Apple products. My husband bought the S10 when it was launched here on 5th March. He who does not line up for anything lined up 3 hours to get the phone and a free pair of Galaxy Buds.


I was left alone with my iPhone 6S. Not that I mind and I was prepared to continue to use it for two more years since I just got its original battery replaced.


I won a phone another phone at a lucky draw! For the record, this will be the third time I won a device in a lucky draw. I first won a Palm V back in year 2000. Then I won a Samsung Galaxy A7 in 2017.

And now?

I just won myself a Razer Phone 2! Two months ago. And I'm loving it. Though it is a gaming phone and I'm no gamer to begin with, I'm enjoying the change to Android and the experience of discovering new things. Android is more fun than iOS. And the screen and speakers are just awesome. I have even somewhat abandoned my iPad.

Just look at this beauty.


The elusive writing bug

I have not been writing for a long while now and I must say I miss doing it.

So let me just try to kickstart it again and see where it goes. I do hope I get back into the bug of writing.

For reasons unknown, at least to me, some photos in my blog have disappeared. It was frustrating and it did hamper my motivation to write but finally I got to it and managed to replace one, just one.

But then one entire post disappeared on me! I must have accidentally clicked something by mistake.

So that post about gamifying your daily life is gone forever. I can't even remember what I wrote in order to recreate it. I can probably write a fresh new piece from a new perspective after about a year gamifying my daily life.

Surprisingly a few people I met did ask me why am I no longer writing and blogging. I was encouraged (thanks guys!) and even though it is taking me awhile but let's hope this work.

Let's hope my writing bug is back and here to stay.