Thursday, March 09, 2006

I had totally forgotten about the adult fellowship session I have to take this Saturday evening!

I had been toying with a few possibilities on what to do but with nothing really concrete in mind. With not much time left, I have to decide quickly and work on preparing for it.

I finally decided on the cross. There are three reasons why I chose the cross.

Firstly, for the obvious reason of Lent, there is no other we should focus on. Secondly, it has been constantly filling my mind by evidence of recent blogs and finally, it raises the most profound of questions. My son summed it up for me just awhile ago when we somehow or rather was having a conversation along the same line. He said, the simplest of questions has the longest of answers! You'd think he an eighty year-old instead of eight!

Think about it. Life's deceivingly simplest questions seek the most profound of answers. In a glance, you might find no qualms in providing a quick answer to questions like, "Why did Jesus die?" "To save me from my sins, of course!"

Yes, but does he have to die?*

We take many things for granted, including the things we know or thought we knew. I used to guard myself against doubts. I feared that if I doubted, I question God and I question my faith; making myself a poor Christian, unworthy of him because I don't trust him 100%. I also had the fear that if I question my faith, I might lose it. I was afraid that I might find it not what I think it is; that it is all but a collection of myths; and that I have been gullible enough to have believed.

These fears are valid but unfounded. Because a life not searched is a life not lived - a faith not discovered is a faith not worth having.

We need to be bold in our search for life in Christ. Confront doubts and tackle seemingly dangerous questions. Our faith will be richer having gone through that fire and test. Regardless of our disposition, he is still the Living Water and the Bread of Life.

You will only find death in Christ on the cross; but with the cross comes resurrection and life. He who believes in him will live, even though he dies. Whoever lives and believes in him will never die (John 11:24-26).


* n.b. Just in case the rethoric in the question is missed, the answer is: yes, he has to die.
Picture by Meredith B.

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