Monday, March 20, 2006

I had a very interesting discussion with a friend today. We spoke at length basically about 2 things.

One, how some preacher scholars who for some reasons prefer to read and teach the Old Testament without much reference to the New Testament. I liken them to those who'd rather have a picture of an unfinished painting to a picture of a finished one.

But then again, I am not saying that we can't read the OT on its own. We can, but ultimately the NT fulfills the OT. Having said that however, the NT too, should not be read in isolation. It must be read and taught in relation to the OT.

The bible as it is stands as one: it must be read as one.

Two, how some scholars see the need to refer to the Western way and the Eastern way of logic and reasoning. Are logic and reasoning geographical?

Picture by Filipe Frade

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