The way the cross saves

Friday, March 10, 2006

Would you have thought that there has never been an agreement on the way the cross saves us? Morris says that this could be due to the more pressing issues in the early centuries of the church's existence. Discussion on the soteriological aspect of the cross was considered minimal in comparison to the immense energy lavished on other questions in Christian doctrine, vis a vis the Trinity, the nature of the Godhead, the creeds of Christendom.

As a result the church has never had an accepted understanding of the way the cross affects atonement.

Morris however, presents 3 views of atonement: The Bearing of Penalty, A Demonstration of Love and, Victory. These are not mutually exclusive, though some have held that the whole truth is contained in one of them. There is in fact truth in all three and we cannot abandon any of them.


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