A faith that is alive

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Our sermon today is based on James 2:17. Reading it in its context, the message is clear.

James 2:14-18
14What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? 15Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. 16If one of you says to him, "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? 17In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. 18But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.

Justification is only by faith but if this faith is not active in doing good works, this faith is dead and dead faith is no faith; and no faith, no justification.

"... I will show you my faith by what I do."

Picture by Pipp

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4 comment(s)

  1. Maeghan,

    I think we've been down this road before. I think that our works (deeds), are the biproduct of our being filled with the Holy Spirit. This is in line with the 'fruit of the Spirit' scriptures that Paul writes.

    Still it is nice to be reminded.

    God Bless

  2. Maeghan,
    This is a good reminder that how we behave out in the world shows those around us how Christians are. A colleague reminded me when I made a joke and he took it seriously. He's a Christian and was concerned about me. Hmm. . . . I needed the filter to shut me up. It did give us an open to talk about God.

  3. Doug,
    I think we've been down this road before.

    Yup, agreed :) just that the chapter won't close until it is realised in the Last Day, when all there is truly fulfilled in Christ.

  4. Milly,
    Your colleague is blessed with you who are willing to listen :)
    I have (gently) spoken to this friend before about watching what she says but somehow I am not getting through, or maybe she needs some reminding? Or it because I am too sensitive? Sigh ... it is all complicated - humanity, relationship, communication ...