The many hats we wear

Monday, July 24, 2006

During dinner, my fellow sister and friend mentioned something that got me thinking. She was listing out the all the roles that I play: a wife, a mom, a homemaker, a boss, a subordinate, a theological student, music team leader, budding lay-preacher, Sunday School teacher, and by then I hoped she had stop counting.

I told her that I dare not even list it out but now that she has done it, I would cry out to God for strength and mercy. However, though I am perplexed and weighed down from every side, I am encouraged because I know God is with me all the way. And for that I am thankful.

Picture by Loretta Humble

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3 comment(s)

  1. You forgot to mention blogger - lol!!!

    You're quite amazing Meaghan, really.

  2. Oh yes ... I forgot that one ... Blogger, for sure :)
    And I am sure all of us are amazing in our own ways ... come on, you've got 3 kids!! And great kids at that -- I was just mulling this with the same friend. She is not married yet and therefore no kids. I was thinking if a person can be "judged" by their offspring. Good kids (meaning good fruit) is proof of good, God-honouring parents. You think so?

  3. Thanks Maeghan, I never thought of my kids as fruit before, fruity maybe... :) JK, they're the best!