Sunday, July 02, 2006

I got myself a one week reprieve before I have to present my Romans 6 paper! I can breathe easier now but I must be disciplined, which I have not been lately. I could not gather the enthusiasm to work on this paper, the kind of excitement I use to have for my other papers. I am now trying to figure out why. I think it is because I know I am the least Greek-equipped among my classmates to produce a paper of standard. As a result, I could not seem to muster the motivation to move on with the paper. I also think it is because I still could not see a direction for it.

My boss at work was just telling me to just do it and not think about getting As as it is not important as it were in school days. But that's the thing with me - I do aim for an A. And knowing that I am not A material in this module, I really really find it hard to work at it.

But nevermind, I have an extra week to work things out. I had better do it tonight, to really work it out, that is.

Meanwhile, I must talk about this book that I have picked up yesterday from the bookstore: The Va Dinci Cod, by Adam Roberts, writing as Don Brine. My husband noticed it and the three of us, my son inclusive (though I am sure he was just laughing along!), were really laughing as we leaf through it. We have not read it yet, but here are some of what we find hilarious:

At the back cover: In his own blood, the dying man had written a single sentence in splashy, red letters. It was very much in a red letter statement:

At the "FACT" page: This is a work of parody. Nevertheless, all the facts contained within this book are in fact, factually speaking, factitious. Some scholars dispute the existence of Eda Vinci. But again some scholars are just disputatious. Otherwise everything in this book is a fact. Even the jokes are factual jokes. Factual jokes are better than docudramatic jokes, and much much better than fictional jokes. On that we can all agree.

The characters:
Jacques Sauna-Lurker
Robert Donglan, Professor of Annagrammatology
Inspector Curvy Tash
Sophie Nudivue
Herbert Alistair Teabag Bart or Sir Herbert Teabag

Priceless, don't you think?

Anyway, here's a peek into my great weekend.


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