Bangkok Day 3

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The picture is not clear but it reflects my day. I have been suffering from gastritis since Saturday morning and even though I have been faithfully taking my medication, the irregular and delayed meals have taken a toll on me (Bangkok is 1 hour behind Kuala Lumpur). For instance, we were asked to assemble for dinner at 8pm Bangkok time, and by the time we got to the place planned, it was already 9pm, which is 10pm for me. By then I was starving.

I went to see the doctor today in BNH Hospital. I took a cab back and the journey which I think is only about 3-4 kilometers took 1/2 an hour! I have no more complaints about traffic in KL.

Anyway, I have not been very "spiritual" in these postings. I am disappointed myself but I only have that much energy and I miss home so much.

posted on 4-Aug-2006
p/s I have since recovered from the gastritis

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1 comment(s)

  1. I love the rainy picture. I can relate to the anguish of gastritis. I have less than half of a stomach b/c of a car accident and any type of gastro-intestinal pain is a drag on your spirit.