Bangkok Day 3: Talk, Talk and Talk

Friday, September 08, 2006

The conference proper started today, when all participants have arrived in Bangkok. I think there were at least 15, if not 20 flights flying all of us to Bangkok just from the Malaysian office. There'd be another barrage of flights coming in from Singapore.

When the conference was over for the day, a few of us went on our own for dinner and this time we decided to go Thai, to a delightfully-named restaurant called Rosabieng. Food's good too, though, as I have already mentioned before, Thai food just isn't my cup-a-tea. After dinner, and being the final night in Bangkok, we went again for foot and Thai massage. Again, wonderful!

By now, you would already have realised that I did not manage to take any pictures while on this trip. The thing was that I did not even have time to take my camera out of my backpack. And if I do, every picture would have been a blur because everything just whizzed past!

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Posted on 10 Sept 2006

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