The Book of Acts Day 4

Saturday, September 16, 2006

We continued with our Acts classes today. We focused on these 3 sections:

1. Philip and Ethiopian Eunuch 8:25-40
2. Paul's Conversion 9:1-19
3. Paul on Tour 16:1-18

I was pretty fatigued throughout the entire session having so little sleep over the past week, I only managed to drink in the lecture without much contemplation or mullings. But I did pick up these 2 statements from the lecturer, which I found meaningful, and one more, my conclusion of what he said at one point.

In relation to Paul's conversion:
Our upbringing prepares us for our ministry, so look at our lives as an opportunity.

In relation to Paul's actions:
God not only questions what we do but why we do what we do.

John Stott highlights 5 areas where Paul's worldview was transformed: he had his mind changed about Jesus, about the law, about salvation, about the church and about the Gentiles:
Our most fundamental question is, "Why am I a Christian?" Our answer would affect how we live our lives.

Picture by Natalie Souprounovich

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  1. Did you mean confused or did you actually feel like you had a concussion? Or are they the same? :)

  2. I will have to change the word in my post - it was like a slang used among my friends to mean that the brain just not functioning :)