Our God, our Father

Monday, September 25, 2006

My good friend Noel brought his 2 Christian Pakistani friends to our church yesterday. They have been here for 3½ years, all this while waiting for a letter from UNHCR to formally confirm them as refugees, so that they can proceed with their migration to Canada. They have been waiting for 3½ years, with no income (they are not allowed to work) and living only on the little support from their church.

The happiest news is that the letter finally arrived today! They are too beholden with joy.

Thank you Lord, for your goodness, for your grace, for your love. What are we without you?

But we sometimes do wonder: why?

Why does it takes so long for you to answer our prayers?

What I know is that you are our Father and a good father provides in the right time and in the right measure. And in waiting for you, we strengthen our faith and grow in our relationship with you. That’s why.

Picture by Mike Scott

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