Acts Assignment 2

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I have started to gear up for my Acts Assignment 2. I have these 3 questions to choose from.

  1. What were the issues facing the Council of Jerusalem and how were they resolved?
  2. What do we learn about Paul’s missionary strategy and the message from the second half of Acts?
  3. Discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in Acts.
During class several weeks ago, I had wanted to do the 2nd one but now I think I am quite decided on the 3rd. With only 2,000 words, it will be a challenge to present the points while being thrifty with words. I do not have any good books on the Holy Spirit but I have managed to obtain quite a few relevant journal articles that will be of great help. The recommended book on the Holy Spirit, which the lecturer refers to as the book on the Holy Spirit is really too expensive to be purchased. Max Turner's Power from on High: The Spirit in Israel's Restoration and Witness in Luke-Acts costs US$79.96 in Very pricey for a paperback, eh?

Some interesting articles that will be good to dig in:

Arrington, French L. The indwelling, baptism, and infilling with the Holy Spirit : a differentiation of terms.
Bruce, Frederick Fyvie. Holy Spirit in the Acts of the Apostles.
Coffey, David M. A proper mission of the Holy Spirit.
Fee, Gordon D. Baptism in the Holy Spirit : the issue of separability and subsequence.
Hocken, Peter. The meaning and purpose of "baptism in the Spirit"
Hübner, Hans. The Holy Spirit in Holy Scripture.
Jackson, Don. Luke and Paul : a theology of one spirit from two perspectives.
McLean, Mark D. Toward a pentecostal hermeneutic.
O'Neill, J C. The Connection Between Baptism and the Gift of the Spirit in Acts.
Pyne, Robert A. The role of the Holy Spirit in conversion.
Smalley, Stephen S. Spirit, kingdom and prayer in Luke-Acts.
Stronstad, Roger. The influence of the Old Testament on the charismatic theology of St Luke.
Suggit, John N. "The Holy Spirit and we resolved . . ." (Acts 15:28)
Turner, Max. Interpreting the Samaritans of Acts 8: the Waterloo of Pentecostal soteriology and pneumatology?
Turner, Max. The spirit and the power of Jesus' miracles in the Lucan conception.
Turner, Max. The work of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts. Wall, Robert W. "Purity and Power" According to The Acts of the Apostles.

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