Faith Seeking Understanding

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I have spent quite a lot of time today updating my book list. I must build the habit of updating it as I purchase them. I have finally completed it and I am quite glad to say that most of them are accounted for except several of which I will need to find out who has taken them.

I had once read a very interesting article about books in (too bad I can't find the article now). It talks about how we often find good books, pay good money for them but ended having them sitting on the shelves unread (I have too many of such!). But in time to come, these books will surely find you and find you they will. This I have experienced many times over, which feeds on my habit of buying more of them everytime I go to the bookstore.

Anyway, I used to call my book list my list of Faith Seeking Understanding.


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8 comment(s)

  1. Wow. You really try to track all your books?!

    Unthinkable. :-) (And I'm sure I have fewer than you.)

  2. Julia,
    In a way.
    It is good to always remind myself that.

  3. Of the few -aholisms from which I suffer, I think my husband would say 'Bookaholism' is at the top of the list. He complains that I have books everywhere! There are several of mine waiting to "find" me as well. I have yet to start a LibraryThing list, for lack of time. I'll peruse your list soon.

  4. Natty,
    That's it! I was looking for the right word and "bookaholism" nails it right in. To me the list is minimal :) I am close to putting them through the Dewey Decimal System! LOL ... nah, I don't have the time. This simple list serves me well.

  5. codepoke,
    Yeah :) one of the reasons being so that I don't buy the same book twice!!

  6. Maeghan,

    Books are awesome. I wish I had the time to read many more than I am able to.

    God Bless

  7. Doug,
    I wish I had the time to read many more than I am able to.

    Same here, same here =)