Everlasting Light, a Christmas Musical: The First Night

Friday, December 15, 2006

After 4 months of practice, today is finally the day: Everlasting Light, a Christmas Musical.

Like how we usually work in our church, a small team of planners automatically just assembled to get things in place and put it all in place. Putting up the musical in a different place makes it more complicated with more things to do, but we managed to pull it off by God’s grace. We did well despite the problems we had with the sound and sound system. Like what the Choir Director shared with us, no matter what happens, God’s work is done. He ensures His work is done.

He is the Everlasting Light who has come into our world to light our lives to shine for Him. To God be the glory, good will on earth and peace towards all people.

Picture by Roman Teng, the night before the night (i.e. our final rehearsal on Thursday)

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4 comment(s)

  1. Cool Maeghan - which one are you?

  2. In the middle lane, in blue with white on my tee-shirt. I will be posting a proper photo soon, hopefully.

  3. Hmm, did you get your hair cut?

  4. You noticed :)
    It was a drastic cut in length - almost half.