Musical skills

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SH, my husband sent this link today which is just plain cool. If you want to test your musical skills in 6 minutes, it is the place to go. It offers 3 tests: (1) Tonedeafness (2) Pitch perception and (3) Rhythm perception abilities.

My scores:
(1) Very Good Performance at 80.6%, 69th percentile
(2) At 500Hz, I can reliably differentiate two tones 1.2Hz apart, 59th percentile
(3) Good Performance at 79%, 58th percentile

Not too bad, eh? How about yours?


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4 comment(s)

  1. Hi Pearlie,

    I took it once with the kids background noise and bombed. So I took it again with a little less noise and got 80.6% also. I took the other and was in about the 16th percentile or something... does it have something to do with the monthly cycle? :)

  2. Good going. I myself have taken it several times, except the rhythm one. They are quite reliable except for the pitch one - I kep getting differing results. So I don't think I am that reliable in pitching after all!! hehe

  3. Pealie,

    I love thest like these:

    1) Exceptional Performance at 94.4% (98th percentile)
    2) 65th percentile on the tone-deaf test. (I don't remember the differentiate part)
    3) 90% on the performance (95th percentile).

    I guess I am missing my calling... rofl.

  4. Bravo! Now I remember you owe me some songs you wrote! ;)