Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The season of lurve ...

It makes quite a difference working (temporarily) in KLCC during Valentine's Day: the stores are packed with people looking for the perfect Valentines gift, gifts shop with never seen before long queues and girls selling flowers at every turn, at every corner, and at exorbitant prices.

We are too practical for Valentine's Day. I spent dinner with my parents and my son. SH and I will be going out for supper soon - not too romantic though, but I don't mind. We are just going to have what SH calls romantic porridge (or as some call it congee) in some night stalls about 3 minutes drive away.

Happy Valentine's Day! Wishing you all the mushiest love ever!

Picture by Mike Goodwin (one of my favouritest picture from Thanks Mike!)


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  2. Ok Pearlie, That sounds exactly like us. I can even hear Edward saying lurve mockingly. I got John a shirt & tie for work, and he asked me what I wanted - I told him exactly which camera book I have been wanting. We went out to eat last weekend sort of in rememberance of the day.

    I deleted the previous comment for a really dumb misspelling.

  3. I can even hear Edward saying lurve mockingly.
    Haha ...

    At least you two get each other Valentine gifts - which is sweet. We have not been doing that since I don't remember when :)

  4. Hey, but you had romantic porridge! Good job on that!