Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It will be longer than I thought it will be

I managed to catch hold of the doctor today. I missed her yesterday while SH stayed with Calvin as I went home to pack some things. We went to the hospital straight from the clinic yesterday and had nothing on us. The doctor told us that most probably Calvin will have to stay on until Thursday or Friday until his nasal congestion is all cleared. Meanwhile, he is getting used to the poking and jabbing. He had a rough night yesterday demanding to go home but now he is getting along quite willingly, though it may change again tonight.

I will not have much time to attend to your blogs and comments, but I am thinking of you. God bless and keep y'all.



  1. Hi Pearlie-
    You guys are in my thoughts and prayers! Julia

  2. Pearlie, your family - Calvin expecially - will be in my prayers.

  3. Thanks! I thank God for you!