Poor thing

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Our sweetie-pie fell sick 2 days ago and he is still quite sick. He has been complaining about a headache and tummyache. He is having quite a high fever too. We have brought him to visit the doctor two times already. We hope he will be well soon.


p/s Oh! I forgot, today is the 7th day of the Chinese New Year - it's People's Day, i.e. everybody's birthday. Happy Birthday everyone!

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9 comment(s)

  1. Tell Calvin I'm praying for him to feel better. What a bummer so soon after his birthday and the holiday! He is still photogenic even when he is sick - the best son in the eastern hemisphere!!!

  2. Thanks, I will tell him tomorrow morning. He missed his birthday lunch today with a good friend. It has to be postponed.

  3. Hope Calvin is better this morning!

  4. No, he is not :( He has never has flu this bad. We are missing church today.

  5. Wow, that is too bad. Take care!

  6. I am hoping and praying baby boy is feeling much better very soon!

    Jewels is right, Calvin takes a great picture even at his worst.

  7. Hi Julia,
    Thanks for your prayers :) We are well covered!

  8. Thanks Missy :)
    We are finally back and A LOT of catching up to do - with the home, work, blogs, comments and MORE!

    Sigh ... after 4 whole days of being cared for by his mommy and nurses and doctors waiting on him hand and foot at his beck and call, he is undergoing post-hospitalisation syndrome -- spoilt, spoilt and just too spoilt. A lot of undoing we now have to do at home :)