Being absent-minded ... not surprising

I am really being absent-minded: I missed my blog's first anniversary on March 1st. Wow, I am one year old in blogging. Not a lot, compared to the old-timers but still ... I am one year old.



  1. Congrats Pearlie- I knew it was coming up & thought that's what that 400th post thing was getting at. Happy blogday a bit late...

  2. Thanks Julia.
    If there's an emoticon I can use here, it will definitely be the embarrassed one!

  3. Pearlie, 400 posts in one year? That's amazing. I am lucky if I get out one a week!

    Thanks for putting it all out there. :)

  4. Missy,
    If you remember my blog used to be called Maeghan's Daily Ponderings :) That's why.


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