Saturday, March 24, 2007

Only 4G

I am not very happy today. I had wanted to get an external hard drive. I need to back up the stuff in my PC. At the store, I realised I did not know how much data I have and SH keep saying that he will be impressed if I even have 4 gigs of them. So he felt that that I should be better off with a small and convenient thumb drive rather than a larger, bulkier and less dependable external hard drive.

So I got the 4G USB Flash Drive. After zipping up the folders, I am almost filling up the 4 gigs of space and I have several more folders to go.

I am not going to get that external hard drive yet. I should be able to survive with the 4 gigs of space for now, as my more important stuff are already backed up. The 80G external hard drive can wait, and it will even be cheaper later.



  1. Hi Pearlie,

    Maybe if you behave, SH will get you one for your birthday :) I already have over 7 GB of pix on my 250 and I'm not trying very hard!

  2. Hey Julia,
    No need to. I got the 80 gig today!! My friend wanted my 4 gig and with that I am good to go.
    I was tempted to get a 250 like yours but I figured I really don't need that much (at least for now) and I prefer the 80 being small and not requiring a power cord.

  3. Yay for you!!! You don't even have to wait for your birthday :)