Friday, April 27, 2007

Biblical Interpretation: Day 3

Kar Yong has been a slave driver. There was so much to do today. We have 2 daily assignments and an exegesis to complete.

One assignment is to identify the figures of speech in Psalm 1, which was okay until he had to make us give a running commentary as well, and that took time. The second assignment was to take a look at the 4 prologues and 1 epilogue of the gospel to find if they give any clues to the content and intent of the gospels.

We also have group work to come up with an exegesis paper on a biblical passage. Ours is 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. We have somewhat completed the work though I have not finished with the presentation slides. I need to turn in now. It will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

With regards to the morning lecture, we looked into historical and cultural context and it is a very interesting subject. I am very new to this and so unexposed to it. There is no other way but to read, read and read. I will get back to this topic on this blog one day. Just not today.

More tomorrow.



  1. You are having a nice vacation from work, I guess.

  2. Biblical studies as vacation from work ... hmm, interesting :) :) :)