Saturday, April 28, 2007

Biblical Interpretation: Day 4

It is exhausting. I mean, other than the 6 hours of sleep I have every night for the past 3 nights, I think my mind has been busy working for the other 16, say with 2 hours on the usual stuff like eating and cleaning. So by this morning, I am almost like a zombie to say the least. And on top of that, my PC almost crashed, with our presentation paper and slides still in there. Thankfully, one fellow student helped and got it working again, and we got to present our exegetical work on the 1 Cor passage. The module has been intense but it was good and it was actually fun.

Staying in STM has been a good experience. It is such a nice thing to wake up with singing birds. The only problem I had was the musty smell in the room.

My room

The view from my room

Isn't it spectacular? At least I think so, compared to the view I have at home.



  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures Pearlie. Reminds me that sometimes we just need to find encouragement in the small things of life - like a nice view and singing birds.

  2. Awesome, Pearlie. I especially like the pink sheets. It might have smelled musty, but at least it looks like it smelled fruity! Glad you had fun - I don't know how you would have managed if you had to commute there.

  3. KB,
    Yeah, with 16 hours of hardwork a day, little things do count :)

  4. Jewels,
    Oh yes, the word is musty :)
    No, definitely not fruity! haha

    You are right, I made a right decision in staying in, unlike the other lecturers, this one worked us silly!

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