Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'd regret it both ways

Today, I signed up for Dr Lim Kar Yong's Biblical Interpretation on 25-28 Apr - as usual a last minute sign up (I almost always register at the last possible date). I was reluctant because this course is going to be tough - but I would regret if I don't sign up as much as I would regret if I do.

Three things made me decide to do it:

1. My plans for a holiday during this period failed. There is no running away.
2. I already have the 3 required text (Carson's Exegetical Fallacies, Fee's NT Exegesis and Klein's Introduction to Biblical Interpretation)
3. I enjoyed myself working on one of Kar Yong's pre-course reading materials. It was a mixed feeling really - I was aghast as well as amused. You can check out Kar Yong's website if you are curious. Click on Hermeneutic/Biblical Interpretion, Report on Babylon. See if you find it as amusing as I did. Noel commented that it borders on being comical.

Just taking a look at the course outline and course requirements available at the website made me shudder. As much as Noel said that he admires my courage in what I am putting myself into, I told him I am just jumping in and trying to swim. There is no other way.

Anyway, it won't do without a word of kudos here for Kar Yong who just got his PhD. Congratulations!



  1. After reading reasons 1, 2 & 3, I though, "no brainer". But then, the course requirements made you shudder! Oh well, we will be routing for you, Pearlie! I'll check his website out soon...

  2. Do pray for me. I just received a phone call today and there is a probability that there is a meeting either on 25 or 27. I do not like missing classes, which means I'd rather give BI a miss if it happens. I have some friends praying that won't happen. After reason 1, 2 & 3, please pray this will be reason #4.

  3. Thanks for your comment the other day! I look forward to having the internet back so I can read more of your blog! God bless you & "see" you later! :)

  4. Thanks Julia. I spoke to my client today and it seems that it might happen on Friday. Hope it won't go through and rescheduled to the next week.

  5. Hey Randi,
    Yea ... looking forward to seeing you again, hope you will get your internet up in no time!