Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just 2 more months

I took Christian Theology 1 in January and it is already April and I have only 2 more months to work on 2 assignments.

1. A reflection paper of about 1,000 words based on topics of discussion during class.
I think I will be doing one on the deficiencies in the different forms of Church's corporate worship today in terms of the reflection of God's immanence and transcendence. The other one which I may also think about doing is to reflect based on my understanding of the purpose of God's plan, how life of my faith community should look like. The first one would be good for me to work at because of my involvement in the worship ministry whereas the second one will be also close to heart with my recent change of my faith community so to speak.

2. A theological essay of about 2,000 words.
There are 10 questions to choose from and the one that attracted me sounds like this: defend the divinity of Jesus Christ by presenting the possible historical bases for this claim. A big question. I hope I can do justice. If I cannot get started on this question, then I might do the one where I am required to explore in reasonable detail the major theological contribution of one key theologian from either the Patristic Period (100-451) or the Middle Ages (1050-1500).

I have only 2 months. This means that I have 2 weeks for the first one and 6 weeks for the second. Oh boy ...

Picture by Marja F-B


  1. Sounds interesting. What is the change in your faith community? I suppose you have a lot of time to do this reflection on your train ride.

  2. Hehe ... what I meant was that I am now attending a new church. I know ... why don't I just say that, huh? hahaha

  3. Very funny, Pearlie. You haven't written about this big change yet have you? I'm curious.

  4. You are up very early and online :)
    I take it that your "very funny, Pearlie" is chiding me, eh? haha
    I'll pm you on the rest.

  5. You can do it! :D

    (But I am glad it's you and not me!)

  6. Hi Pearlie,

    I usually check my e-mails quick before work and this morning, you commented while I was on. Yes, I thought your comment about being straight forward was funny. We call it the KISS method at work, as in Keep It Simple, Stupid.