Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Getting somewhere after all

Those who know me well will conclude without second thoughts that I am a super blur cat*. I am used to myself going frantic because I would have double booked myself, and it has been countless times that I left my mobile phone at home. One day last month, I actually left behind my entire handbag, to the chagrin of SH who had to bring it to me.

So, it would be a normal thing for me to have thought that I have until 22nd this month to complete my CT1 paper. I was panicking only to realise that I have until July 22 to submit my paper, which happens to my birthday too.

Now I can breathe easier.

I have not been taking stock of where I am as far as my Masters programme is concerned. I just signed up for modules that interest me. Not until have I laid it all out did that I realise I am getting somewhere after all.

To complete my Masters in Christian Studies, which by the way is on a part-time basis via a Theological Education by Extension (TEE) programme by Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM), I need to complete 24 credits on core subjects and 36 credits on electives. I started in August 2003, which gives me 3 more years to complete. I should have completed 15 credits core and 21 credits elective (if I got the credits details right) by the end of 2007 if all goes well.

It hadn't bothered me before what module I have or have not done. I still am not. Only that I am happy that I have been given the opportunity to learn whatever I can about my God in a way that I would not have if not for the TEE programme. I appreciate the time and effort taken by the programme director and staff, and lecturers to help equip us lay-people to love and serve the Lord better. God bless them.

Picture by Joe Rooster

*note: a blur cat is a local slang referring to people who are too absent-minded for words.


  1. "I have until July 22 to submit my paper" I could hear your sigh of relief clear over here in Oklahoma!!!! :o)

  2. Haha, I was thinking exactly the same thing as Susan! You go, girl!

  3. I know that Blur-Cat feeling oh too well...