Sunday, May 20, 2007

Interpreting the NT: Day 6

This morning's sermon was from 1 Samuel 17:1-49: one of the longest reading in a long time. The passage was on David and Goliath and it is an excellent narrative. The preacher spoke about not despising the little things in life, not despising ourselves and not despising the people around us. A much needed reminder especially in these times where it is a norm to be proud and a requirement to flaunt our know-how.

But I do have some interesting questions which I may go look for answer, especially if they are significant:

1. Why would David pick up five stones when one is enough?
2. Was David real when he bragged about his conquest with a lion and a bear?
3. What brought David into picking a fight with Goliath? What went through his mind when he taunted the giant? Was it a planned move or was it by instinct?

We then continued with the last session on our Interpreting the NT module. But sadly, we could not complete our study of Mark, which is a shame. But it is expected since we do not have that much time and there is just too much to handle within only two weekends.

We only completed until chapter 10, with the Cycles of Passion Predictions, Misunderstandings and Teachings of Jesus from 8:22-10:51.



  1. Although I am sure you are exhausted, these weekends emerged in the study of the word must be exciting!

    I thought you'd be interested in knowing that I always ask why David ONLY chose 5 stones - what faith to think that 5 measly stones would be enough!

  2. It was exciting but it could have been more - it was that time of the month for me :(

    why David ONLY chose 5 stones
    haha ... you are right. We are asking on hindsight, really. Anway, I don't think it is an important question. I think it is a natural act. Anyone wanting to use a sling would want to be prepared and grab at least 5 stones :)