Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lazy day


Picture by Daniel Deak Bardos


As I have updated Susan, after lazying for the day, I have to make up by spending the night working on the theological papers and that I did. It is almost 2am now (and after this update I had better get to bed or I'll never get up in time for church tomorrow).

Those are the books I have been using, mainly for my paper on Origen. I have completed my reflection paper on the church and I hope to finish the Origen one in the next week before I start my new module

One more thing I must talk about is the latest happening around the house. We sometimes have stray cats straying into our house, especially when I accidently left a window open. But lately, it has been very, very frequent. It was unusual.

Last week, I tried to shoo this cat out of the kitchen but she refused to move. I gave up and went to bed. Two nights ago, on Thursday night, I went upstairs for a moment while the front door was ajar, mindful that she might come in again. She did and again I shooed her out and this time, I succeeded though she was just as reluctant. I then made sure I had all the doors and windows closed. Friday went by catless.

This afternoon, I heard more meowing. Not cats ... kittens. Alarm bells went off in my head. Oh no! There are kittens in our store room and they have been in there without its mom since Thursday night. I quickly went about searching for them.

They were small and helpless, weak and hungry. There were three and one looked dead. Oh no. I quickly got some milk in a dish. I am not a pet person and I think it didn't quite help. I took the 2 active ones and place them in a cardboard box. I brought them to the kitchen. I gave them more milk and they began to move around so much, they got milk all over them. I tried cleaning them and drying them with kitchen towels. I then decided to leave them in the box at the front door in case the mommy cat is around and could claim them.

I think it was the daddy cat that came. But there were only 2. One died. We didn't know. We are so sorry.



  1. I truly hope, Pearlie, with all the work and study you've been doing you do take a lazy day.:o)

  2. yeah .. but being a night owl and after spending the whole afternoon sleeping, something I almost never do, here I am at 1am making up by working on my theology papers :)

  3. What an upsetting story about the cats. You sure didn't need that in the midst of your study. Wonder what lesson the Lord has in that. I'm one that tries to see a "lesson" (God speaking to me) in everything that happens.

  4. Hmm ... I wasn't really thinking about lessons but I suppose I can use it as an analogy that sometimes we may not realise it but we have allowed sin in our lives and not noticing the clues that we are succumbing to it. Not an entirely good analogy since I won't equate kittens to sin :)

  5. Quite an adventure there, Pearlie. I recall you telling me that you thought cats were evil, so sin & kitties would seem to go together well then. jk