Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Friends: Run 1

I have been around today looking for materials for my assignments, around in the internet that is and found some very interesting sites. But before I go about listing those out, I would like to do what Rich used to do when he was active in his blog: what's going on in blogs we know and love.

Firstly, those I dearly miss and hope to see again soon:

DugALug's Weapons of Mass Deduction
Doug is still on sabbatical. We have not heard from him for awhile now and it is in my prayers that he and his family stay well and good.

Rich's Realms of Possibility
I only knew Rich for a short while but I have enjoyed his blog and banter nonetheless. Hope he decides to come back.

Now for the alive and active blogs:

Jewel's Kingdom Jewels
I have known Julia for more than one year and that is a long time by internet standards. She has become a dear friend, of whom I certainly hope I meet in person one day. Currently in her blog, she has been very active taking and posting photographs, including her Friday flashbacks. One of my latest favourite post is Julia and Maria's a visit to the St. John Chrysostom Russian Orthodox Church, and of course her posts on the family's "professional" sport, running.

Codepoke's The Familyhood Church
Kevin is well-known for his 30-page posts, as he refers them to, which is mainly ... good stuff. He stopped blogging for awhile and I am very glad he is back. Check out his posts on miracles, against brokenness, and his Crazy-8s. I never got round to trying out the Musical DNA though - it required too many downloads and installations for me - must be interesting.

Milly's The Milly Times
For a good dose of Millyism, go check out Mill-gurl. She's excellent with words and deep in thought. I love her latest on love and I-believe. I already forewarned her I will quote her and here it is. Milly says: I believe that God loves that we love His word and smiles when we dig so hard that we fail to see what’s in front of us. I believe He wants to say “Right there silly”

Missy's Texas Chilly
Missy is one refreshing blogger and friend. I still remember very well her post about bull-riding, which is a real cool analogy about Christian living. And she listen to really cool music. And oh yes, to set the record straight, she was nowhere near Golden Corral.

Karen's TSSO! for The Sword's Still Out
I only know one artist, and that is Karen. She paints ceilings, murals, prayer boxes, and more. Beautiful work ... need I say more!

Penless Thought's Penless Writer
I can't remember how I knew Susan. She is one of the warmest, friendliest and most wholesome blogger I know, and she certainly has a rather big following, with comments running well above 20 most of the time. The first thing I would want to do when I meet her is to hug her! Her current wise-word is to dance anyway.

Randi & Family's Randi's Rambling
I have met Randi not too long ago and she has moved house recently and has not really got back into blogging. I hope to see her back soon. My prayers are with her to get adjusted to her new home and new place. She is missing her mom and grandmother.

SK's Sherman on the Mount
I have not been to Sherman's blog for quite awhile now and there is much to catch up. Check out his aristocratic title, which I posted too in my musings.

Calvin's The Calvin Calvin Blog
And last but not least, my son's blog with a new look, though he does not have much time to post lately. He is currently having his school exams. ... Wait a minute, I just realised that he is actively blogging after all: in his new My Club Penguin Blog.

I know I started by saying that I will list out some interesting sites I visited today but I think this will do for today.

And I must say this: I think there some frequent lurkers to this blog and I would like to invite you to contribute and share your thoughts as well by commenting. Would love to hear you out as well. God bless you!



  1. Pearlie, I am honored to be on your list!!!!! Thank you :o) Oh, for sure you would get a greeeeat BIG hug from me!!!!
    (((((hugs))))) This will have to suffice for now.

  2. Hi Pearlie,

    What a cool post, and I am honored too! I just know we'll meet some day!!! And we'll drink coffee and talk about stuff. And it will be great fun. I'll have to check out some of the other blogs you highlighted.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I miss DugALug also.

  4. Thanks for the kind words. I miss DugALug also. We should try to remember Doug and family in our prayers.

    (sorry about the itchie trigger finger)

  5. Susan,
    OOOOhugsOOOO back to you!

    Wonderful, and we'll bring our own mugs! haha

    Yeah ... we must always remember Doug and his family in our prayers.

  6. Pearlie, I might be able to dig up a chunky one!

  7. I love those guys (and gals)!