Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I spent most of my free time today on my paper on Origen, a truly remarkable church father.

Basically, the outline of the paper is as follows:

1. A Brief History
2. Origen’s Major Writings
3. Origen’s Theological Contributions
3.1. From His Methods of Exegesis
3.2. From His Reading of Scriptures
3.3. From His Work
3.4. On Doctrine
    Origen of Alexandria is said to be the most significant biblical scholar in the first three centuries of Christian history. Other early Christian thinkers who have reflected seriously on Scriptures could not match up to the extent of his work which includes biblical commentaries, formulation of a developed theory of hermeneutics, and extensive work on the text of the bible.(McKim) Karlfried Froehlich describes him as “one of the great minds and probably the most influential theologian of the early Christian era” and Joseph Trigg refers to him as “the most influential Christian interpreter of the Bible,” whose “extent work comprise by far the largest body of work by a single author to survive from the first three centuries of the Christian church.” (Hall)
I should be able to complete it before the week is over if I can put in some hours every morning and night. But I do have until July 22 to hand this in and a rigorous believer in maximising of resources – in other words being “kiasu” – I will certainly hold on to the paper until the very end!



  1. When do you sleep, Miss Kiasu? :)

  2. Oh well, sleep is overrated. I suppose lying still on a bed and reading like the picture is just as good.

  3. Oh no!!! Sleep is the best thing that is ever created!! LOLOL