Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some good links

What I didn't do yesterday, I will do today: post interesting sites I visited while looking for materials for my assignments.

The Text This Week
Welcome to a virtual study desk for students, teachers and preachers. Click on a date to find direct links to a wide variety of contemporary and historical resourcesfor study & liturgy for each lectionary week and pericope, or check out the Scripture Index to locate links to study resources relating to specific passages.Artwork indexed by Biblical theme can be foundin the Art Concordance. And check out the Movie Concordance for lists of movies indexed by spiritual theme.

Bible Studies (translated)
Welcome to the first Russian academic resource for bibleistike. The main objective of the project is to develop bibleistiki in Russian on the Internet. Here you will find articles on archaeology, tekstologii, sociology and other subjects that are directly related to the history of Judaism and Christianity. We do not represent the interests of any religious denomination or denominations. Materials for the site selected entirely from the point of view of their academic value. This does not mean that they are only for spetsialistov-religiovedov, but we are not responsible for your perception of online materials. Remember, they may have an impact on your beliefs.

James Darlack's Blogs:
Old in the New
This blog houses resources and research on early Jewish and Christian literature - particularly how this literature appropriated "Scripture." Formerly this blog was known as "James the Just." Though now called "Old in the New," the blog will still host resources for studying the Epistle of James, James the Just, and other related topics.
The BibleWorks Blog
Check this blog regularly for new user-created BibleWorks files. This blog is not officially affiliated with BibleWorks, but is maintained by BibleWorks enthusiasts.

Biblica 88
> BSW Journal, Studies of biblical theology
> Project. The electronic version of established biblical journals
................. Biblica, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome
................. Filología Neotestamentaria, University of Córdoba
> Multi-Library Search (MLS): a search engine for bibliographic research, including the biblical articles online database (OBAL)
> Scriptural Index of biblical commentaries on the WEB

εν εφέσω: Thoughts and Meditations
On Life, Theology, Books, and Scripture …



  1. The Test This Week was a cool website! I also found something useful on the James Darlack site - the Stephen Colbert "You're on notice" generator - I sent Edward one of them!

    The rest of them were a bit heavy though I'm sure useful for a theology student.

  2. Yeah ... some of them are a tad too technical. It will take me time to go through them too but textweek is a great site. I seldom go there but it is good.

    You're on notice? Didn't notice that. Will note it when I am next there :) :)