Saturday, June 23, 2007

Adult Fellowship

I was invited to share the Word of God with the Adult Fellowship this evening. I shared with them with an overview of the book of Mark and on parables. Basically I tried to bring across two points:

1. The emphasis to the book of Mark is how can you not tell the good news of Christ?
2. Based on the Parable of the Sower, the encourage is to preach and to evangelise, regardless of what the results may seem to be, the harvest will come eventually, thirty times, sixty times, a hundred times



  1. Hope you have a good and fruitful time with you Bible study group, unpacking the treasures contained in the Gospel of Mark...

    Hope the TEE course you took has been of help in a small way...

    Perhaps I can "curi" your Bible study materials!!

  2. haha ... no bible study materials lar. I only did a very brief intro and a taste of what parables are, being quite different from what we thought they were.

    Yes, I had a good time and I think they did too :)

    Will let you know when, or rather IF I get into comign up bible study materials on Mark :)

    Hope the TEE course you took has been of help in a small way
    The TEE is THE reason why I did Mark :) when I got invited it was when your session was happening and they conveniently said, "Oh good, Mark then" :)