Friday, June 08, 2007

Chicken and sermon

I do not know how this phrase came about but I was running around like a headless chicken today - and indeed I was. I will be in Port Dickson from Monday to Thursday next week to facilitate a training and even before it all began, things have begun to go wrong. First with the hotel and then with the participants and then more. God help me!

Anyway, Kar Yong just started his blog: the homilia of a budding NT scholar. I enjoyed reading his post on My Sermon: What Story Are You Telling?: it is not an easy thing to do, to preach a well constructed, expository and application sermon; and indeed it is such a delight to be listening to one such sermon.

Picture by David Kindness


  1. When you cut a chicken's head off, they keep running around, but of course they cannot see where they are going! Hope you get your head back on before you start training other people.