Friday, June 15, 2007

I am back!

The past 4 days have been good. The training went well and I had a good time. However, the bad news is that my notebook computer went kaput again. It's a long story. I'll spare you the details. But that means that the posts that I have been working on are inaccessible and the slides that I have been preparing for the MS Powerpoint training tomorrow are stuck in there as well.

The posts will have to wait and I have spent the last couple of hours reproducing the slides for tomorrow's use. It's not a loss.

Meanwhile, I am glad to be back and happy to be with family again.



  1. Glad your back home and safe & sound. Sorry about the situations!!

  2. Well Pearlie, Welcome back! I thought Wow, you did posts for all the days you were gone, but then you talked of POSTS that you had really done. Tomorrow, we leave for the Outer Banks of North Carolina for vacation, but John is bringing a laptop so I'll be able to check in.

    Glad your training went well and hope it goes well tomorrow!

  3. Thanks Susan! I am so far so good without my pc, as I can make use of my son's one ;)

  4. Julia,
    Okay... I did one post and a bit more. So I managed to reproduce the "bit more" but not the one post.

    John is bringing a laptop so I'll be able to check in.

    Er ... who's being kiasu now? LOLOL