Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Now my eyes have seen you

I was reading Robert Fyall's Now My Eyes Have Seen You, Images of Creation and Evil in the Book of Job (Apollos, 2002); or at least I tried to read it during the little free time I have. Someone did catch me reading and was surprised that I read to relax. (I told her I do but little did she know the kind of books I read to relax!)

I did not proceed on much with this book, and so I would not be able to provide much of a review of it but I found this interesting in the first few pages that I did manage to read:

"God is not carrying an experiment to see if Job's piety survives the loss of his prosperity ... suffering and calamity are under God's sovereignty. This is not a simplistic proposition and the suffering is real. The book abounds with hard questions and much mystery remains. Yet there is never a question that Job will turn away from God. His protest are not those of the atheist but of the baffled believer." (p.23)

I simply love the phrase "the baffled believer", which I think we all are in our own ways.



  1. Dear Sweet Baffled Believer...

  2. Baffled Believer ... tht about says it all!

  3. This is an excellent book by Robert Fyall. Not easy to read but well digging in.


  4. Thanks for the encouragement Alex. I will persevere but looks like I need more encouragement for now :)