Saturday, July 28, 2007

Autobots, fromage and fiction

We have our weekend planned out perfectly.

SH had his round of golf today.

Calvin and I stayed at home. We cleaned and I did the laundry.

My brother had got us tickets and we went to watch Transformers. The movie was a blast, to the true sense of the word.

We had Italian for dinner: fromage and pizza, crème brulee and tiramisu.

We went to the bookstore. I bought Paul Levinson’s The Plot to Save Socrates and SH got the remainder 2 books of the Age of the Five trilogy by Trudi Canavan, Last of the Wilds and Voice of the Gods.

I thank God, for his blessings, for family.



  1. I was waiting for a wrinkle in the plans, but it all worked out. Nice!

  2. Haha ... yes, this one is not one of the "but" post ;)

    BTW, by Sunday yesterday, we really did have a perfect weekend: golf, clean house, movie, dinner, books, worship, baking and parteeee!!! (we went to a home fellowship with church members with lots of food!! I baked a fabulous chocolate cake. A huge 12-inch but it disappeared nonetheless!)

    Yes, it was Nice!