Thursday, July 19, 2007

BibleReader in Java

I have changed my mobile phone into a Java-based one not long ago, the Sony W850i. I was not too happy when I discovered that I have to give up using the NKJV in the BibleReader, something I have been doing all this while in my Palm Zire and subsequently the Nokia 6680, a Symbian phone.

I received an update from today announcing that they have updates for BibleReader in Java.

Hip-hip-hurrah! Check it out here. I still would not be able to use the NKJV but at least now I have the bible with me almost all the time.



  1. I have a few free versions of the bible from Olive Tree for my Motorol Q ... really nice interface for smart phones.

  2. Hi KB,
    I know this reply is long due, I missed it!

    Anyway, I have been testing the software. It is too slow to be useful in church. By the time, I get to the verse, the reading is over. I have sent it feedback and hope something is done.