Sunday, July 22, 2007

Church Camp, Port Dickson: Day 2

It is my birthday today, 22 Jul. The group celebrated the July babies, and I found another sharing the same birthday! Check out the possibility of that happening here. I have read before somewhere that the probability of a group filled with 23 people with at least two of them having the same birthday is more than half. So it was intriguing that I found my “twin”.

The session we had this morning was very special. We continued with our sharing and celebrating one another by blessing each other with a passage from the bible and a picture that represents our blessing for them. We were randomly given a person to bless. I had to double-up since Calvin was also involved and all he did was cut up pictures of food for the other person! The kids were all in a playful mood and they did have a blast of a time during this camp.

Therefore I blessed 2 people, one with Colossians 1:9-14 and the other Hebrews 12:1-17. The Hebrews one, by God’s leading hand, was spot on and I was grateful I was able to bless someone in such a special way.

I, on the other hand was being blessed with a passage in Exodus which is about the midwives when Pharaoh wanted to kill all the Hebrew babies (I was not given the verses, I must check them out soon). I know that it will be relevant, though it is still somewhere out there. I will look for it.

And I got this picture! SH and I had a good laugh over it.

Camp pictures!

The youth: the brazen bunch. This is the result of one of the ice-breaking game we had the day before. My "twin" is second from right, Addison.

The kids at the pool. By the way, it was raining the whole 2 days during the camp. But rain or no rain, the kids had to go for a swim, at least once! Not a good shot, I know, but it was raining.

Church service today was informal and different but it was great nonetheless. We did not follow the usual liturgy but had a great bonding time of blessing one another.

Calvin with the girls! The other boys were in Transformer mode running all over the place.

It is now usual that while the photographers are taking a group photo, they get a shot of themselves as well.

All go home! See you next Sunday!

We were back home by 3pm and I made plans to have a nice dinner with family: my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece, SH and Calvin.

And we went to Delicious in Bangsar for dinner. Delicious!

Here's to a great day, a great church, a great family, and a great birthday!

Thank you Lord for your overflowing blessings. You are generous, you are good. I thank you, I love you, I praise you.



  1. Happy birthday from another 22nd of July baby. :)

  2. Thanks Rodney and Milly!

    Rodney, happy birthday to you too! And as I have mentioned in your blog -- you are my "triplet" now :) :)

  3. A belated, but sincere, Happy Birthday Pearlie :o)((((hugs)))

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Pearlie!!! So sorry I forgot it! I loved this post - your twin Addison is so cute, and the girl running/jumping is a hoot. What a great way to celebrate life!

  5. Thanks Julia :)
    And how I wish I could still jump up like that!!!