Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Superlatively bookalicious!

Yesterday, my good and dear friend Susan of Penless Writer gave me a challenge:

"My challenge to my blog friends is this: write 8 of your blog friends names in a unique way and post them. Then come back over and let me know. You must write the blogger's name that tagged you, then add 7 others. Be creative and if possible use the natural wonders of the world!"

I am to tag 7 bloggers on top of Susan. I told Susan that my blogger friends aren’t really the taggable type and that I most probably would not be able to tag 7. I thought about it and decided to bless, not tag. Therefore you do not need to carry this on if you do not want to.

Susan tagged me, using stones. She wrote our names on stones she collected from her travels. I choose to use the books I have collected through the years. I dedicate these books to these special people. I may not have read all these books yet but I chose them for you for a special reason.

Susan of Penless Writer
Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot
Susan is the sweetest of all my blogger friends. I chose this for her because she both reminds me of Elisabeth Elliot and in her simplicity encourages me to keep a quiet heart and just marvel at the hugeness of God.

Kevin of The Familyhood Church
Table Talk by Martin Luther
Kevin is the most “prolific” of all my blogger friend and for this reason, I dedicate to him Martin Luther’s Table Talk. I look forward to just sit at a table and talk God with Kevin, and highly probable that I will be dwarfed by him (as he will be dwarfed by Luther).

DugALug of Weapons of Mass Deduction
Now My Eyes Have Seen You by Robert S. Fyall

Doug is my first blogger friend. He has not been in bloggerland for awhile though he still pops in once in awhile, and I am always glad to see him. I dedicated this book to him as he struggles on for Christ.

Julia of Kingdom Jewels
Love in Hard Places by DA Carson
Julia is my dearest blogger friend. We have been together through slow days and good days, bloggerly speaking. I see in her a love for God, for her family, for what she does at work and at home, for the people around her. So I dedicated this book to her as I see in her much love, even in the hard places.

Milly of The Milly Times
Keep in Step with the Spirit by JI Packer
Milly is the most matter-of-fact blogger friend. She speaks her mind, she says her piece, she shares her thoughts. With this I dedicated this book to her: as she continues to keep in step and step on with the Spirit of God.

Missy of Texas Chilly
Joy Unspeakable by D.Martin Lloyd Jones

Missy is the most energetic of my blogger friends. I dedicate this book to her as she continues to spark off the joy of Christ to all around her.

Karen of TSSO!
Showing the Spirit by DA Carson
Karen is the most artistic of my blogger friend, in words and thoughts as well. I dedicate this book to her as she shows to other her spirit in Christ through her work and her words.

Alex of Random Musings from a Doctor’s Chair
Between Two Worlds by John Stott

Alex is my first blogger partner-in-crime as far as books are concerned, but I would not for the life of me be able to match his monthly book frenzy where he buys them by the dozens. I dedicated this book to him as he continues to shine for Christ between the two worlds. (Hmm… Augustine’s City of God would also be a good choice, but I have not yet got that one on my shelves.)

There, eight! Seriously, you do not have to carry on with the tag. Like what Susan said to me, "I just wanted you on mine".

Thanks for being a blessing to me and God bless y'all!



  1. Cool post, Pearlie!!! I have to come back and read it all later. When you said you had a surprise for me, I thought you were coming to the US!

    Is it a good book? I'll have to read it!

  2. wow, pearlie,

    I feel so honoured to have my name written on John Stott's Between Two Worlds. Great book and a gold standard for books on preaching.

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  4. Oh Pearlie this is wonderful!!!! I just knew that you would come up with something really unique and you did. Thanks so much for participating. Thank you for the kind words about me :o)

  5. P.S. I had to chuckle when you said "Y'all". Sounds to me like you've been hanging around with some Okie too much!!!!!

  6. Julia,
    When you said you had a surprise for me, I thought you were coming to the US!
    haha ... when that happens, it will not just be a "I've got surprise for you." It will be "I'VE GOT A SURPRISE FOR YA!!!!"

    Yes, it is a good book but not an easy read though. Moreover, this is a followup from his first book - The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God ;)

  7. Alex,
    :) :) glad you liked it! and I presume you have a copy of it as well?

  8. Susan,
    I just knew that you would come up with something really unique and you did.
    The thought came quite easily. I just asked myself what is one thing that I really love :)

    Sounds to me like you've been hanging around with some Okie too much!!!!!
    haha ... you may just be right. I didn't know why I said that but I did!

  9. Pearlie,

    Thanks for thinking of (and praying for) me! Your blog is always a real blessing. This is still one of my favorite and uplifting blogs.

    Some day, I will return, but that day is not today :( => Still I keep all of my blogging friends in my prayers. And passively read on.

    Please know, that my family is doing really well, and that my choice to take a hiatus was motivated mostly by my desire to spend more time with them. The posting seemed to be cutting into my quality time with my wife and girls and that, to me, was unacceptable.

    I will return again when I can find a healthy balance, because believe it or not, writing is certainly one of my passions. (though you'd never know it from my hack posts...lol).

    Once again thanks for thinking of me.

    God Bless

  10. Thank you, pearlie. You blessed us all!
    I'll try to return the blessing!

  11. Pearlie,
    When I started this meme, I was thinking of something Susan(penless) wrote to me in an e-mail,.

    But to see it taking off like this is incredible! I love this. Who'd a thought that a little old housewife could create this meme!

    Well for thoughts, I have been adding the ones that others did for me on my sidebar!!

    I love the book idea!

  12. hi pearlie,

    I do have a copy, personally autographed by John Stott :)

  13. That was cool! Great challenge Susan, and great response Pearlie! :)

  14. Doug,
    Again, so good to hear from you. Yes, I know how posting sometimes takes away a lot of our time. And what you have done is honourable. It happened to me as well. So far, I have been keeping a tab on that and I can still manage, by God's grace. I guess for me, as long as I keep this blog as a log of my spiritual journey, and nothing else, I hope to keep it for a long while yet. And it honours me to know that you are still checking in, albeit passively :)

    Will continue to pray for you! God bless!

  15. Karen,
    You are welcome! I will look forward for your blessing :)

  16. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for dropping by! So it was you who started it! By far, this is my most favourite meme :) will check out your blog in awhile! God bless!

  17. Jennifer,
    I love the book idea!
    What can I say? I am a book-crazy person! haha ...

  18. Alex,
    You should have seen me pout! hahaha ... how did you get it autographed? I would love to meet John Stott! So far I only have DA Carson and IH Marshall to autograph my books.

  19. Hi Randi!
    Thanks for dropping in :) And God bless you too!

  20. Very cool, Pearlie. I hope you will forgive me that I'm far too busy to answer you properly, but I appreciate your comments. :-)

  21. Hi Codepoke,
    Of course. It is not in my expectations for anyone to take this on :) God bless!

  22. Alex,
    Haha... and wow, it is cool.

  23. Hi, Pearlie! I am back from vacation after 3+ weeks and was privately pleased to be missed ;-)

    This is such a cool meme! It will take some thought to be as creative as you and Susan, but I shall try.

    Your comments about me came almost immediately after I had prayed for "energy and joy" - that made me chuckle.

    You are brilliant, girl!

  24. Missy,
    You are back!!! So happy to see you :) And this blessing to you is certainly prayer answered? The joy of the Lord is indeed our strength. God bless!