Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Total Truth

I had misplaced Pearcey's Total Truth, and I have been looking for it for a couple of months already. I finally found it stashed away somewhere in the shelves. I had started reading it some months ago but as it has been happening lately, I get distracted and stopped after several chapters.

I look forward to starting on it again.

The book scored a 4½ stars in Amazon.com and the following 10 books cite it:
The book consists of the following chapters:

I. What's in a Worldview?
1. Breaking Out of the Grid
2. Rediscovering Joy
3. Keeping Religion in its Place
4. Surviving the Spiritual Wasteland

II. Starting at the Beginning
5. Darwin Meets the Berenstain Bears
6. The Science of Common Sense
7. Today Biology, Tomorrow the World
8. Darwins of the Mind

III. How We Lost Our Minds
9. What's So Good about Evangalicalism?
10. When America Meet Christianity - Guess Who Won?
11. Evangelical's Two-Story Truth
12. How Women Started the Culture War

IV. What Next? Living it Out
13. True Spirituality and Christian Worldview


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