Wednesday, August 22, 2007

100% Natural

In line with what I have been sort of "preaching" - evangelising the Good News of the Lord - I have been praying that I will get opportunities to share the Gospel with someone.

My prayer was answered today. I was having lunch with a colleague and somehow or rather the subject turned up and it was natural that I talk about it; about our sin, how far we are separated from God, how impossible for us to go to him by our own efforts, why and how we can go to God through the cross of Christ.

I will not say that I have made a difference but as the Parable of the Seeds go, I'd just do it. Some will surely fall on rich and fertile ground and it will become a harvest.

And as it is natural for the sower to sow, it should be natural for us to "sow" as well. I am not sure if I can say that if it does not feel natural, then it is not the right time or the right place. You think?

Picture by Mark Morcom


  1. We probably should pray that we would always feel as natural talking about the gospel as the sower did about sowing the seed - it seems without concern about what kind of soil it's falling on. We can't really see what kind of soil it is anyway.

  2. Yeah, you are right. That too is one prayer we should say.

    Yup, according to the parable, the lesson is just do it, some will become harvest, thirty, sixty and even a hundred fold.