Monday, August 20, 2007

Black Monday

Today is a bad day for us. Our house got broken into. The house was ransacked and we lost quite a bit of things, including 2 notebook computers, some watches, jewellery and even some valueless but sentimental items.

I keep beating myself over this with many "I should have's" but basically I thank God that we are safe. We have just lost things and nothing more. Though I do sense a loss of security and gained a sense of fear having our lives being violated like this.

O God. Have mercy on us, guard us and keep us safe.
We thank you and praise you for your protection.
We pray that you will regain the peace in us that surpasses all understanding.



  1. So sorry to hear this Pearlie. I'm thankful you are safe and will pray for you all. I hope the police can recover your things!

  2. I’m so sorry. I understand that feeling. It took me awhile to recover from a burglary. It was the sentimental stuff that he took that bothered me.

    I’m praying that you and you family recover quickly.

  3. I'm so sorry. The shockwaves from this will come and go for some time. But eventually they will go and be gone. May the Lord assure you of His good plan and good purpose for your life, and how He overcomes the world.

  4. O sorry to hear that. Hope they din take away ur precious books and bibleworks software at least!!. Will pray that He will oversee u and ur family and continue to protect u all from the evil ones. Hang in there, amigo!!

  5. Oh, how awful! I am so glad ya'll are safe. I pray for recovery - of your things and your feeling of security.

  6. Oh Pearlie I am so sorry to hear about this. Did it happen when you were gone? I've never been broken into but my parents were once after I left home. Please don't let fear enter your spirit and life. God is still in control even when it doesn't seem like it.
    Extra (((((hugs))))) tonight,

  7. Thanks all. I don't think we will be able to recover all our stuff. We are just glad that they did not do it while we were at home. (It did happen to my parents before while they were all asleep at night. We thank God, they were clueless and they came, stole and left. Just so scary.)

    I am feeling better today. I am glad I did not take the day off but went to work anyway and worked myself off :)

  8. Milly,
    That's the thing - I would not have felt this bad if not for the sentimental stuff - our wedding bands, my dress watch SH bought me 10 years ago ... and more. Well, I suppose I must learn not to be tied down to those things anymore.

  9. Chee Keat,
    They have no eyes for my books lar ... haha. Thankfully, my work PC is with me at work and I still have all my IP with me, plus the bible software.

  10. Dear Lord, we thank you for your protection over pearlie and her family and that they have not been harmed or present during the burglary. Father, hold them in the palm of your hands and comfort them from the emotional trauma of a sense of violation and the physical trauma of losing things that they value. Dear Lord, continue your protection by building a hedge around them and the encampment of your angels in their premises. Amen

  11. Sorry to hear that and glad to know that your family is safe and sound.

  12. Hey, thanks Alex for the prayer. Still hard to take but just thankful we are safe.

    Thanks, BK.

  13. Everytime I pull into my driveway I pray that my door will be closed tightly and not hanging ajar and flapping in the breeze. Last January our front door was kicked in and our house was ransacked...very violating! You will recover and hopefully you will get to replace some of your things, but it is hard to forget the feeling when you first come home and discover what has happened. (I found your blog through Kansas Bob)

  14. Hi Wezie,
    This is one reason why I am blessed to have this blog, to be connected with all of you. I know I am not alone - it is the exact thoughts I have everytime I come home now and even when I am not home and I will sometimes suddenly think about it, and wish I hadn't. Oh well... we need to depend on God all the time.

    And thanks for coming by!!! God bless!

  15. Hi Pearlie,

    So sorry to hear this - just came back from kampung and began to catch up with news, and read this sad news!

    Glad that your family are safe, and so are your books and Bibleworks!!

    Take care!