Monday, August 27, 2007

Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Our firm dedicated this day to the community where almost 900 of us went to various places to do our part for the environment. Last year, we focussed on the less fortunate people whilst this year, it is the environment. I was with the group that went to The Kuala Selangor Nature Park to make the world a little greener by planting some mangrove saplings.

It was about a one and a half hour bus ride to reach the park and we were immediately given black boots to wear - Phua Chu Kang style! It was hard to walk in them and we had to walk a long way in: about half and hour before we reach the second layer mangrove swamp where we were to plant the saplings. It was challenging, but 165 green saplings were planted in about 20 minutes by the 35 of us.

It's a hard day's work and for once my muscles ache instead of my head.

The mangrove swamps are quite rare as they only exist in the tropics and where there are low and high tides. There trees survive in the sea water by relinquishing the salt through their leaves, bark or roots. The way their root system works, the break waves effectively, giving excellent protection from the deadly tsunamis. They also provide sanctuary for all kinds of living things. They are one of the amazing creation of our creative God!



  1. Looks like a beautiful place

  2. Too bad I could not get more pictures. I left my camera in the bag for fear of falling into the water while working, but it was unfounded as there was no water in sight - being low tide. Should have asked :)

  3. Big boots + mangrove swamps = hot & sweaty


  4. oh yes, you got that absolutely right!