Saturday, August 04, 2007

Midnight sale!

I was at Canaanland yesterday for their 5pm to midnight member sales and grabbed several good books.

The Concise Exegetical Grammar of New Testament Greek by J. Harold Greenlee
I think I picked up the right book - I really need to revise my elementary Greek and seriously don't know where to start. Well, this book may or may not help - it really takes discipline.

Mounce's Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words by William D Mounce
I need this for my 3 Biblical Interpretation assignments and I really, really, really need to get on it already.

Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Manners and Customs by Howard F.Vos
Also needed for my Biblical Interpretation assignment and there are a lot of information in there which I believe will give me a good and general understanding on biblical background.

A Model of Christian Maturity by DA Carson
I have not seen this book by Carson before, and it is not a new one.

City of God by St. Augustine
This is a good find. I had seen this Penguin paperback in MPH but selling at over RM100, which I think is too over-priced. I got this one at less than half the price.

Contagious Holiness, Jesus Meals with Sinners by Craig L. Blomberg
I would like to collect the NSBT series and here I picked up 3. Wish I could pick them all but I have to do it slowly. My resources are limited! This one attracted me because I would like to learn more about Jesus's ministry among those who are rejected and considered evil, e.g. tax collectors like Matthew and Zacchaeus.

Five Festal Garments, Christian Reflections on The Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes and Esther by Barry G. Webb
These are among my favourite books of the Old Testament and this is a delightful book. I have started reading it and I finished Song of Songs and Ruth in just one sitting.

Hearing God's Words, Exploring Biblical Spirituality by Peter Adam
I was drawn to this book because in my efforts to be more equipped in the knowledge of God and his word, I need to keep in check my application of the word as well. "Exploring biblical spirituality" is such an apt title.



  1. You've got some good selection! Emilia finally found out it was ME you sms that night about mounce's dictionary...

  2. Congratulations on your great buys! I envy you and Kar Yong and this Canaanland grandsale. We don't have much on offer over here in Sabah. I get my books from Amazon and sometimes the cost of postage is more than the price of the book.

  3. envy, envy lah.

    DA Carson's book is new to me. I have not heard of it. Shall try to get it. Shall call up Canaanland to see if they have another copy.

    hi tony,

    I too get most of my books from The postage is incredible.

    I also try to get second hand copies of out of print books from Abe and exlibris. My present dilemma is that I found a second hand fine copy of Nelson Ellis' How Faith Develops. It cost USD1 but the postage is USD9! Shall I buy it or not?

  4. Another great weekend. Yay for you!

  5. I believe the Carson book is either a reissue or an updated version of an old book on 2 Corinthians - From Triumphalism to Maturity.

    And I know what you mean about the NSBTs! Would you believe me if I told you I picked up 3 NSBTs for a combined 3 (UK) pounds once? I was at a Christian Union Leaders' Conference and they were selling a few of them for a one-time-only offer of 1 pound each! One of them was Hearing God's Words, it's one of the easier ones to read.

    Anyway, envy envy...

  6. yes, carson's book is a new imprint of an old book, as highlighted by BK.

    I still miss my good old days in seminary where I was only about 15 min away from CBD. CBD opens its warehouse for sale 4-5 times a year, and in those days I managed to pick up commentaries for US$1; and the entire 10 vol TDNT set for less than US$50.

    I also miss my good old days in Cambridge where Galloway & Porter is just around the corner where I could get really good deals for theological books - can you beat it paying GBP3 to 5 for those in the JSNTSup/LNTS series?

  7. Kar Yong,
    You know Emelia then. I did not tell her I SMSed you :) Thanks again for the Matthew tip. I realise then that that commentary is quite dated also.

  8. Tony,
    The ad for the sale was quite attractive - 80% discounts!!! it said but no lar -- mostly on 20% but still good.

    I know it is farfetch but you could find someone you know who goes to Canaanland, take pictures of the few Theology and Biblical Studies shelves and send it by mms to you! Then you can pick and choose, the person buy and then mail them to you! Good idea? haha ... still cheaper than amazon.

  9. Alex,
    When I picked up the Carson book, there were a few copies left.

  10. Thanks Julia, except that it is now our turn for the internet connections at home to face problems. We have been cut off at home for almost 2 weeks already. Which is why I am quite slow in blogging and commenting lately.

  11. BK,
    wow ... i also envy you lah - 1 pound a book! I got them for about RM52 and that is after 20% discount. I picked up 6 and filtered it down to 3. sigh ...
    I don't have 'Hearing God's Word'. Other than these 3, I have 'Neither Poverty nor Riches', 'Now my Eyes have Seen You', 'Jesus and the Logic of History'.

  12. Aiyuh....I can't believe I missed it. Pearlie, envy u la those good books which happened to my favourite authors DA Carson, Bloomberg, Peter ADam (an aussie anglican pastor specialised in expository preaching- heard him preach - it was good and solid). In some way, good to miss it too...otherwise, my spending will go up and I'll be poorer for my wedding..hee hee!!

  13. I wondered why you seemed to disappear on the weekends!

  14. Hi Chee Keat, were you in KL? I think the sale will last for awhile more, till 30th August. You still have a chance and get books 20% off :) hehe ... but you also need to save money.

  15. Julia,
    The line is still down :( even though I have called in to complain everyday.

  16. Julia,
    I wondered why you seemed to disappear on the weekends!

    Come to think of it, I think this is why our 2 previous weekends have been so awesome!! lol ... no computers to get in the way.