Monday, August 06, 2007

The plot to save Socrates

I have finished reading The Plot to Save Socrates - it was a good read.
SH was amused that I am actually reading science fiction! I can't remember the first science fiction I read - I think I might have read one of the Star Trek Voyager paperbacks. Star Trek Voyager is my all-time favourite Star Trek series, I never missed a single episode.



  1. so how do you find the book? Did you guess who Thomas was?

    I like Star Trek Voyager. It does give an interesting dynamics to the crew with a female captain.I love the story-arc where they have to go through borg space.

  2. The book started quite slow for the first half, it laid there on the shelf before I picked it up again to continue. Then I could not put it down and read into the night till over 3!!!