Friday, August 03, 2007

Well done!

Calvin recently took part in the University of New South Wales, Educational Assessment Australia’s competition in Science, English and Mathematics.

He just got his scores in the Science paper and he did very well, with a High Distinction – the only High Distinction in his school from Primary 3 to 6 – in the top 1 per cent of Primary 3 participants in Malaysia.

His grandparents, SH and I are so proud of him!



  1. What a cutie!!!! And smart like his mama!!! Tell Calvin I am also proud of him and his accomplishments. He's so cute, makes you want to pinch him :o)

  2. Very cool. Thanks for telling us! Tell him how exciting it is. I once won a contest at his age 1/10 as cool, and still brag about it today. :-)

  3. Too cool! He might be working with my son someday on some great projects.

    He has earned those bragging rights.

  4. Thanks all! Haha ... this daddy and mommy are still bragging about it!!! Shameless!

    Susan, "don't pinch meeee!" haha - I will pinch him for you! (((hugs)))

    Julia, we have the best sons, eh? :) :)

    Codepoke, thanks for the heads up. Looks like we will have to live with it here too, haha!

    Milly, yeah ... just might happen.