Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why didn't I think of it?

I am getting along quite satisfactorily with my assignments, with 4 papers for Biblical Interpretation, 1 exegesis and 3 close-book take home exam questions for Introduction to the New Testament. Due in October and November.

I have all my books upstairs in shelves. What I had been doing was to bring down whatever books I needed and work downstairs in the living area. But it has proven to be impractical because the amount of books I needed for just one paper piled up to at least 2 feet in height. With SH complaining about books everywhere and the energy I need to bring them up and down, I finally set up shop upstairs.

I should have done this in the first place!

The "2-foot tall" books I am using, now conveniently standing on my new study table, an old computer table we had wanted to discard for too many times but I held on to it. Notice the support beams for the now missing shelf that was meant for a monitor, serve perfectly as book ends. I am so pleased with it!



  1. Pearlie, you are such a problem-solver. I hope this is keeping you motivated and productive! {c;

  2. o wow!! it gives me some ideas how to organise my books too.hee hee...

  3. Chee Keat,
    Yup, now I know that the trick is to have them ALL conveniently near you when you do your assignments! haha...

  4. i jealous lah...can do one for me in my office ah in stm??

    btw, how much does this cost?? Thot of doing some shelves for my "new" house...moving next month

  5. Kar Yong,
    You jealous for what? :) :)
    Talk about jealous, I am the one who is jealous with all your books in your office. When I was there, the only 2 words that keep passing my mind were, "I want!... I want!... I want!..." hahaha

    These book cases are the Billy bookcases from Ikea. I can't remember how much it cost.

  6. wow, your bookshelves are so cool.