Monday, September 17, 2007

STM's TEE 2007-08

Note: Please take note that the schedule laid out here is no longer valid - please refer the updated which should be up soon in the STM website. (25 Nov 2007)

I have been quite hardworking this year taking more TEE modules than before. The main reason I suppose is because the modules scheduled were pretty good and interesting that I somehow have to sign up.

STM has just posted its latest TEE schedule not long ago. I just got a look at it awhile ago. The modules lined up are pretty good as well. These are the ones I might sign up for, and if I do, I will not have time to sleep:

Study on the Gospel of John
(23-25 Nov, 30 Nov-2 Dec, 2007) KL/PJ
Mr Allen McClymont

Interpreting the OT Books
(15 – 17 & 22 – 24 Feb, 2008) KL/PJ
Rev Anthony Loke

Malaysian Religions I
(Wed, 26 – Sat, 29 Mar, 2008) Seremban
Dr Solomon Rajah

Christian Theology II
(Wed, 18 – Sat, 21 June, 2008) Seremban
Mr Sherman Kuek

Introduction to the NT
(18 – 20 & 25 – 27 July, 2008) KL/PJ
Rev Tan Jin Huat

Teaching & Preaching the Parables of Jesus
(5 – 7 & 12 – 14 Sept, 2008) KL/PJ
Dr Ezra Kok & Dr Lim Kar Yong



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  2. part time student or full time student ah?

    Glad to know you are not taking my Romans class (Interpretng NT Books) in January 08! :-) Else you will have more sleepless nights....

  3. oops ... I thought Interpreting NT was a repeat of what you did this year. If I knew it was different, I would have included it!! BUT since you are doing on Romans, I would give it a pass, since I have already done Romans. HOWEVER, would you be doing it again? Say in the next 2 years, I need a go at it again. The one I took isn't so much of lectures but guided study.

    you part time student or full time student ah?
    hehe ... I am going to drop Major Religions for the time being and since I can do it this year (well, not completed yet but I wanna be positive!), I am sure I can for 2008 because looking at my lined up schedule, it is almost similar.

  4. Pearlie you are truly getting out of my league!!! You always have been and that is why I admire you so.

  5. If you have done Romans, I'd rather you do something else than repeating it. I'll definitely offer Romans again, but just not sure when this will be!

  6. Susan,
    I suppose we are special in our own ways, by God's grace. There are so many things I can see through your blog that are out of my league as well :)

  7. Kar Yong,
    True oso ... there is never "enough" studying anything theological or biblical. The more you dig the deeper it gets! So gotta stop digging somewhere, somehow.